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U.S. home prices rose again in February, this time by 10.2% compared with last February. In experiencing the largest year-over-year jump in seven years, prices were up in 47 states; and in all but four of the nation’s 100 largest metro areas. (Source: CoreLogic)

In the Sarasota-Manatee real estate market, the monthly median price has risen for 14 consecutive months, based on year-over-year comparisons. Nevertheless, our market’s median price is currently 43% below what it was seven years ago—at the peak of the housing bubble. (Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune) Though it has long since passed its bottom and seen its inventory of properties pared to below normal, the region continues to attract multitudes of buyers as intent as ever on taking advantage of today’s historic combination of low prices and rock-bottom interest rates.

As such, buyers—who more often than not begin their real estate searches online—can no longer take a leisurely approach to browsing for great buying opportunities. Instead, you must act with all deliberate speed once you’ve discovered the right property; or risk surrendering it to another buyer.

Research shows that a more focused and streamlined search experience is exactly what buyers most want from a real estate website in view of today’s extremely competitive marketplace. For this reason, michaelsaunders.com has been redesigned to make it faster and more efficient for buyers to search our market’s entire inventory of available properties; and explore its plethora of different neighborhoods.

Customized Property Search 

The property search function is now located front and center on the michaelsaunders.com home page in order to speed you toward your ultimate goal of finding the right property. Indeed, every property listed on the mid-Florida regional MLS—regardless of which brokerage sponsors the listing—will be instantaneously filtered through your customized search parameters, returning only those that most accurately match your specifications.

Also front and center is our frequently-updated gallery of new listings, which contains every property that has been listed with Michael Saunders & Company in the past 30 days. Here you can enter your customized search parameters and be notified by email whenever a property matching the criteria debuts on the market. With inventories as diminished as they are, these notifications give you the edge in being among the first to discover our market’s newest buying opportunities.

You can also search for Sarasota rental properties to occupy while on vacation; or until you buy or finish building your own home. Depending on your needs, our portfolio of properties includes weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual rentals.

Of course, if you’re a seller with Michael Saunders & Company, it’s reassuring to know that your listing is being broadcast on a site that routinely attracts more buyers interested in Southwest Florida properties than any other in the region. And with homes selling briskly from coast to coast, more and more buyers are now free to pursue their long-deferred goal of living here.

Over the years, michaelsaunders.com has been redesigned frequently to make it a faster, more responsive and more enlightening real estate experience, depending on the type of market we are in. Finding the right home might not be as easy as it was a few years ago when our market was awash in unsold inventory. Still, exceptionally low home prices and mortgage interest rates being what they are in 2013, your search is well worth the effort.

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    April 12th, 2013

    So true – we are finding the same thing here in the Charlotte market – many of my clients are missing out on great homes because they are dragging their feet just a couple days too long

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