Why Did It Sell? – Selling more than a home in Lakewood Ranch

Realtor Leigh Simons sells a beautiful New England-style home in Lakewood Ranch Country Club.

Realtor Leigh Simons sells a beautiful New England-style home in Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club.

For Realtor Leigh Simons of Michael Saunders & Company, Lakewood Ranch is not just where she lives and works, it’s where she plays. Leigh has a passion for the Lakewood Ranch area lifestyle, from belonging to the Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club, to an array of social events and clubs, to an evening of fine dining along Main Street.

Her enjoyment of area amenities enhances not just her day-to-day life, but helps her to form lasting relationships with the people she meets. And in some cases, those relationships overlap with the buying and selling of Lakewood Ranch real estate. Such was the case in the February purchase of one exquisite Tudor-style home in Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club.

During polo season, Leigh spends her Sundays at the Sarasota Polo Club and enjoys polo tailgating with her husband and circle of friends. One Sunday, she was introduced to a New England-based couple. They got to know each other and a friendship with them immediately sparked.

Then, last April, they approached Leigh with a request that was right in her forte.

They told her they were interested in purchasing a home but they also needed to make sure that she could be very discreet about the process. Being private people, they did not want others to know about their decision to purchase a home  just yet.

Leigh explained to them that discretion was a non-issue, “That’s what I do, I am a professional.”

Her friends, and now clients, have a home and business in Connecticut. Like Leigh, they were attracted to the active and fulfilling lifestyle offered at Lakewood Ranch. They had rented there for about five years, deciding if Lakewood Ranch was right for a more permanent commitment and they were now ready to make the jump to home-ownership.

Both Leigh and her clients searched the market for a home that would suit their needs. Anticipating that they’d become full-time residents, their budget was initially over $1 million. But during the process, they learned that they would become grandparents to both of their sons’ families who still reside in Connecticut. With a new set of exciting circumstances, they adjusted their direction – this would be a part-time residence and they would split their attentions between Lakewood Ranch and Connecticut.

A lake-front home in Lakewood Ranch Country Club came up in their search. It was quite extraordinary, not the typical Mediterranean Revival architecture but an attractive 3,357 square foot Tudor-style residence. Built and owned by a Lakewood Ranch builder, it is appointed with exquisite finishes and many upgrades. Set on a lake, golf-course, and preserve, the home features spectacular views difficult to rival anywhere. Sitting on the back porch, it seems like it is the only home around for miles.

An hour after viewing it, Leigh’s clients called her and emphatically stated this was the home for them.

With Leigh’s help, they wrote up the contract and made a fair offer at $725,000. It was accepted by the seller with no negotiating involved. Leigh recommended to her clients that they combine their MSC real estate experience with both MSC Title and Mortgage to help complete the sale smoothly. They took her advice and the closing was quick and easy.

“My clients are very happy,” Leigh said, “The closing was effortless. Everybody worked together.”

And they appreciated her discretion until they were ready to share the news with their friends. The day of closing, they held a “BYO-Chair” party at their new, yet-to-be-furnished home to celebrate their success.

Leigh explained that she believes in selling not just a house but all the amenities and the lifestyle that goes with it.

A lively Main Street in Lakewood Ranch draws residents and visitors alike to the town's center.

A lively Main Street in Lakewood Ranch draws residents and visitors alike to the town’s center.

“You can buy a house in any neighborhood,” she says, “but if you are looking for a real lifestyle, Lakewood Ranch has churches, schools, golf, tennis, restaurants, and shopping. I sell all over the Sarasota/Bradenton area but Lakewood Ranch is really where my heart is. I believe in it.”

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