Why Did It Sell? – Choosing Palmer Ranch over the Best Beach in the United States

SiestaKeyThousands of people visit Siesta Key every year. It’s been called the number one beach in America by Dr. Beach. Its 99% quartz sand was rated as “The World’s Finest, Whitest Sand ™” at the Great International Sand Challenge. More than our lovely year-round weather, abundant recreation and culture, Siesta Key is perhaps our area’s biggest attraction. 

So, why would anyone who fulfilled a dream to move onto the island choose to relocate to the mainland? To help answer that, this month’s “Why Did it Sell” investigates the story behind a 3,350 square foot Sarasota home for sale on Palmer Ranch.

The Right Place at the Right Time
Michael Saunders & Company Realtor Jane Rees has always believed in open houses. Sure, there are smart phones, photos, websites and video, but nothing can compare to a person’s sense of touch, their feel for space, or a face-to-face conversation. More importantly, nothing beats being in the right place at the right time.  

 “The home had only been on the market a few days,” she explained. “At my very first open house, this couple walked in. They liked it and within 48 hours we had a contract on it.”

A couple in their 50’s, he and his wife already own a home in Pennsylvania. Several years ago, the husband, who is a doctor, sold his practice and he and his wife fulfilled their dream to purchase a condo on Siesta Key.  But amidst the sand, surf, and island lifestyle, they were not ready to just sit back and kick up their heels.

Siesta-Key-2An Enticing Distraction
“They are too young to retire,” Jane said. “So now they work together and have a business buying up investment properties within Sarasota and then renting them out.”

But their current living situation presented a small problem. Whenever they got up in the morning, they would sit out on their lanai overlooking the intracoastal and not want to go to work. Also, though it was a two-bedroom condo, they didn’t have enough space for a proper office.

Jane explained, “Siesta Key is a vacation lifestyle unless you are living in a single family home away from the beach and the intracoastal. There are people who live and work on the island but to this couple, it was a distraction.”

Their love for Sarasota made them think that a home on the mainland was the best option for them.

Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff. Will Rogers
The couple was attracted to the community of Prestancia for a variety of reasons. It’s an established neighborhood on Palmer Ranch spread on over 500 scenic acres with two unparalleled golf courses.  Certified as an Audubon sanctuary, Prestancia also offers expansive properties and serene natural beauty.Prestancia_2

What’s more, unlike some of the other preeminent golf communities in the area, membership at this golf course is not mandatory – which is ideal for this couple because they were not actually interested in golfing.  It was more the social calendar and sense of community that appealed to them.

Prestancia_1Leading to the initial open house, Jane Rees had the listing side on an elegant three-bedroom home priced at $775,000. It had been purchased in 2009 by a Scottish corporation as a state-side company retreat.  (Ironically, they are looking to downsize to a condo.)

The home includes a custom built office ideal for the couple’s business needs. An impressive pool and spa, turnkey furnishings, and views of lush, tropical landscaping ensure their move off Siesta Key wouldn’t be all work and no play.

PrestanciaThey put in an offer at $30,000 less than the asking price and it was accepted.

“We worked with Megan Kendrick and Movement Mortgage, the new Michael Saunders & Company mortgage partner.  By the time they applied, it was really cutting it close to the final contract date. But with Movement, they had a preapproval within a few hours, an appraisal within a few days, and we actually closed according to the contract. It was a wonderful experience.”

Jane also thanked the Michael Saunders & Company Marketing Department for their quick service and impressive marketing collateral. “Shelley Whiteside made sure everything was done quickly and professionally. I didn’t have to go anywhere else…that was nice.”

Jane is now listing her customer’s Siesta Key condo in Dolphin Bay – where she already has experience selling. “Sometimes it’s just good to be in the right place at the right time. These people came into my open house, and it turned out they were living next door to a condo I’d just sold about a month before….it helps being visible.” 

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View homes for sale in Prestancia.

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