Well-Known and Well-Hidden – Top 10 Best Sarasota-Area Beaches

The End of Summer Doesn't Mean the End of Beach Days on Florida's Gulf Coast

The end of summer never indicates the end of beach days on Florida's Gulf Coast

As the summer season winds to an end, we find it perfectly fitting to boast the beautiful weather that defines Florida’s Gulf Coast. While those up north are readying their snow shovels, winter coats and heating systems, we here can continue donning our bathing attire to enjoy a few more months of frolicking on our favorite area beaches—some of which are renowned as among the world’s very best.

To send a taste of our tropical splendor to our cold weather friends, we present the top 10 beaches on Florida’s Southwest Coast. To help guide travelers on their journey down, these spots are listed from north to south.

Anna Maria Beach offers a secluded, tranquil getaway

Anna Maria Beach offers a secluded, tranquil getaway - Photo Courtesy of BestBeaches.org

1. Anna Maria Beach—Located at the tip of Anna Maria Island, Anna Maria Beach is a great place to relax and escape the crowds of more well-known area beaches. Wading out at some spots can result in a plentiful bounty of sand dollars and other beautiful seashells. Sunsets beyond Tampa Bay and over the Gulf of Mexico highlight a day spent at this secluded respite.
2. Coquina Beach—One of the area’s largest beaches set at the southern tip of Anna Maria Island, Coquina beach is lined with tall, shady pine trees to help cool the sun-drenched afternoons. Perfect for recreational activities, a barbecue area, playgrounds, volleyball courts and more make this an ideal spot. There is also a place to launch boats or other watercraft.
3. Greer Island Beach—When a local beach is more commonly known as Beer Can Island, you can be assured an exciting experience. Not exactly an island, this peninsular landform is located on Longboat Key’s northern tip, and is a favorite spot for fishing, sunning and partying. Erosion from currents and surf has created a stunning entrance with fallen Australian pines. Access only by walking or boating by Longboat Pass.
4. Lido Beach—Venturing south brings one to the beaches of Lido Key, a 12-mile stretch of three beaches: North Lido Beach, Lido Beach and South Lido Beach. A local favorite, Lido Beach offers lifeguards, concessions and a community pool—after a small fee is paid.

The powder-white sand on Siesta Key Beach attracts visitors from all over the world

The powder-white sand on Siesta Key Beach attracts visitors from all over the world

5. Siesta Key – No list of beaches in the Sarasota area is complete without a mention of Siesta Key Beach. The fine, sugar-white sand of Siesta Key Beach repeatedly places this spot as one of the world’s top beaches. The silky, powdery sand is a natural phenomenon that stays cool under the hot sun. If you find yourself in the area for just one day, this is the beach you want to see.
6. Turtle Beach—Set on the south end of Siesta Key, Turtle Beach is a quieter alternative to its busy neighbor up the street. While there are no lifeguards, Turtle Beach offers free parking, picnic tables, playground, showers and restrooms.
7. North Jetty Beach—Located on the extreme southern end of Casey Key, the jetties make this spot a preferred destination for surfers and anglers. The park here offers lifeguards, concessions, volleyball courts and picnic tables, making this a great place for picnics.
8. Venice Beach-Brohard Park—Noted as the shark’s tooth capital of the world, the beaches of Venice are where you can start an impressive collection of fossilized shark’s teeth. Located in the southern-most part of the City of Venice—on the Venice Airport property on Harbor Drive—Brohard Park is the site for the 740’ public fishing pier, complete with a beachfront restaurant, restrooms, snack bar and bait shop. South Brohard Park is a dog-friendly stretch of beach.

A hotspot for hunting shark's teeth, Caspersen Beach is quiet, remote and pristine.

A hotspot for hunting shark's teeth, Caspersen Beach is quiet, remote and pristine.

9. Caspersen Beach—Traveling south to the end of Harbor Drive leads to the entrance of Caspersen Beach. A secluded area, the unspoiled pristine beauty of Caspersen Beach has been left largely untouched. The longest stretch of beach in Sarasota County, this destination is a great place to relax and enjoy the sparkling turquoise waters. A picnic area and children’s playground are adjacent to the parking facilities.
10. Englewood Beach—Located towards the southern end of Manasota Key, Englewood’s public beach boasts recently renovated facilities, expansive parking and recreational activities for the whole family.

Our area is truly a tropical paradise, where the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico make any beach an exceptional getaway. For help in finding the perfect property on or near any of our remarkable beaches, contact a Michael Saunders & Company agent today. Why spend another winter in the cold?

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