Twelve Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Buy In Sarasota:

John Schaub, a nationally known real estate expert, investor and nationally-published author, is also a favorite son of Southwest Florida and a dear friend of mine. Yesterday, John was one of the keynote speakers at a company-wide meeting held at Fred’s Restaurant & Ballroom in Lakewood Ranch. In addition to announcing a number of new marketing and technology initiatives, we invited John to be one of the keynote speakers. Needless-to-say, John is a fabulous speaker and lecturer and held a rapt audience of more than 400 of our sales associates and staff members in the palm of his hands.

One of the most memorable passages from John’s presentation was the “Twelve Reasons Why Now is a Good Time To Buy In Sarasota.” I thought it would be great to remind everyone why Southwest Florida is such a great place to live and why it will always be an excellent place to purchase real estate, especially now.

Here, in true David Letterman reverse-order fashion, are the 12 reasons:

Twelve Reasons Why NOW is a Good Time to Buy in Sarasota:

12. Anyone who has to sell will make a buyer a deal today.

11. The fundamentals have not changed. The Boomers will retire, and many will move to warmer climates. There is a 100% chance of snow in Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston this winter.

10. You can still finance a home with a 30 year 6.5 % loan.

9. Lenders will make deals – ask them for discounts.

8. Over-priced sellers are lonely – make them an offer.

7. Good land is becoming scarcer and will get more and more dear.

6. The next land developed will be more expensive. Much of it is already improved

5. The British are coming! We are getting great press overseas! The combination of a weak dollar and a weak market gives them a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a bargain.

4. Tax and Insurance rates have peaked and will stabilize and possibly drop.

3. Rents will increase as the supply of existing rentals dwindles and few new units come on line.

2. Speculators are bailing out and will sell at a loss.

1. There are good reasons why Sarasota is expensive:

·It is one of the best places in the world to live if you can afford it and people who can afford it ARE coming.

·It is still inexpensive compared to other areas with similar attributes and unique appeal.

·Great natural beauty.

·Highly talented and educated population.

·Dozens of fabulous restaurants.

·Lots to do: sports, theater, arts, educational opportunities.

·Plus a challenging and invigorating non-profit world which involves tens of thousands in gratifying good works.

·It’s a safe and clean place to live.

·World-class health care.

·Anyone looking for a cheaper place to live has a lot of choices. Anyone looking for a better place to live has few, if any, choices.

·This is the last chance to buy at today’s great prices, before the rest of the world snaps up our bargains.


  • User Gravatar Kathy
    October 19th, 2007

    This was outstanding. We who live here know that it is true. Thanks for telling the world!

  • User Gravatar Scott
    May 19th, 2008

    Wow this story looks better and better evey month that goes by!

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