Top Home Staging Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

A lot of effort goes into selling a home. With interest in Sarasota homes for sale trending at record high levels, it’s important to make sure your property is not left behind when a simple, low-cost solution can make a difference. Here, we offer seven staging ideas that are not only inexpensive but highly effective for getting results.

Neutral colors in this home for sale at Westway Drive make it easy for any home buyer imagine themself in the space.

Neutral colors in this home at Westway Drive, which has Sold, make it easy for any home buyer imagine themself in the space.

1. Remove clutter
You want buyers to have a good sense for the framework of your home, not your collection of sports memorabilia. Box up all the clutter that has been collected over the years and place it in the attic or even a rented storage unit. Be especially cognizant of the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms where it really accumulates but tends to disappear from your own view. Also, while you may have children and a brimming toy collection, buyers viewing your home could be empty nesters; try putting yourself in their shoes before showing the home.

2. Store away your personal items
One of the easiest things you can do to help sell your home is to clear away your personal objects, whether it’s framed family photos or even religious items. It is important that buyers are able to visualize the space as their own.

3. Boost curb appeal
First impressions are everything and it is necessary to grab buyers from the initial moment they view your property. Your lawn should be freshly mowed while debris should be cleared from your driveway and sidewalks. Pressure cleaning the exterior of your home is a low cost solution that can have it looking like brand new.

View homes within the Concession Golf Club with exquisite curb appeal. Bradenton, FL

This Ganton Avenue home has Sold. View other Concession Golf Club luxury homes with exquisite curb appeal.

4. Neutralize your rooms
If it’s been a while since you’ve painted the interior of you home, neutral colors on the walls can do wonders in making it appear clean and new. Plus, make sure that every room has a specific, useful purpose; the room you have that triples as a den, office, and painting studio should be staged to accommodate only one end.

5. Clean (No, really clean not just straighten)
It’s difficult for buyers to see past a stain on the wall or a bad smell when they enter the home. Scrubbing and deodorizing can go a long way. Do your best to ensure that your home shines, from the bathrooms to the window sills.

6. Don’t forget about the garage
Think your garage is for storing all your clutter? Think again. The garage is a very important space for home buyers. They are looking for more than a place to park their car, they want room for storage. Try getting rid of everything that touches the floor. Place tools and clutter in cabinets, shelves, or bins. Use heavy duty hooks for larger equipment like bicycles. Dust the corners and make sure your garage door opener is working. Too much stuff that you aren’t even using? Consider having a garage sale.

7. Accessories rule
Especially within the bathroom and kitchen, accessories can set a tone that the home is well maintained and loved. Think about the towels and even the place settings you display when company comes over.  Accessorize with a fruit bowl or flowers in the kitchen. Adorn main living spaces with chic throw pillows on the sofa or house plants to add warmth.

Accessorize your living spaces like this one found at Bay Shore Rd in Sarasota.

Accessorize your living spaces like this one found at Bay Shore Rd for sale in Sarasota.

Need more advice on staging ideas? Speak with your Realtor. They know from experience what is effective and what turns buyers off. Be receptive to their constructive point of view and you’ll see how a little bit of effort can go a long way.

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