Time to Refresh – Top Tips on Refreshing Your Home for Spring

Spring has officially sprung this past Sunday, meaning the chilly, dry weather is making way for blossoming flowers, evening showers and some much-anticipated warmth. As we so eloquently mentioned last year HERE, it is now the perfect time to rid your home of the frigid winter blues and replace it with a cheery, refreshed head start on the balmy summer months just around the corner.

To help you push that reset button, here are our top tips on refreshing your home for spring:

Cool Bed – If the warm and cozy blankets and bedding were pulled out for the colder days, now is the time to fold them back up and put them away. Lighten the bed with less blankets and heavy comforters. If you have clean white linens, now is the time to use them. As you return winter bedding to closet storage areas, make a quick list of any needed replacements.

Raid the Fridge – The arrival of a new season is a good signal to clean out stored food in refrigerator and pantry. As farmers’ markets and roadside stands open to offer fresh food for the new season, create a good home by cleaning out the remains of winter. Make a quick check of expiration dates of food stored in refrigerator or pantry, and toss expired foodstuffs.

Invite Spring In – Cut small branches from a flowering tree, or gather ready-to-bloom daffodils and tulips from the garden. Displayed simply, in a tall water glass, vase or mason jar, they’ll add a splash of Spring color and fragrance to your home. Add fresh flowers in the entry, the living room, the kitchen, anywhere to bring some outdoor elements in!

Paint – Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to refresh any or all your rooms. Again, apply time to this one by browsing around home and paint stores to find just the color or color combination that works for you. For an extra crisp finish in your painting, be sure to use painter’s tape to give you that sharp, professional look.

Mood Lighting – Like paint, this element can make a great deal of difference to a room. Changing your light fixtures may be all the sprucing up your home needs. However, if you require more light, consider making this one of your larger investments. Perfect lighting makes a home more comfortable, usable and will show off all your unique pieces.

Windows to the World – Bright sunlight causes glass to dry quickly, which promotes streaking. Choose a cloudy day to wash windows, or do it late in the day when direct sunlight no longer strikes the glass. Use vertical strokes on one side of the glass and horizontal strokes on the other. If you see any streaks after cleaning, you’ll know which side they’re on by the direction of the streak.

Outside Chores – Check shrubs and trees for winter damage and prune accordingly. Remove deadwood or broken branches. Replant any shrubs that have heaved out of the soil during a freeze-thaw cycle, before the roots dry out.

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