The Neighborhood Report – Cape Haze

A 30-mile, largely natural peninsula overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on the relaxed southwest Florida coast, Cape Haze sits approximately 45 miles south of cosmopolitan Sarasota. Surrounded by Palm Island, Little Gasparilla, Don Pedro, Cayo Costa and Pine Island, the area offers a relaxed Gulf Coast lifestyle with tropical Caribbean features for those wishing to get away from it all.

The weather for this region is typically dry and crisp from November through April, as Cape Haze is coddled by a pleasant Caribbean Sea climate. May through October tend to get much hotter with more rainfall. With several golf clubs in the area, the weather makes it pleasant year round to indulge in your favorite sport, whether it be golfing or fishing in secret and unmapped inlets, creeks, and waterways.

The shopping is art inspired, and features local artists, artwork sculptures, coastal home designs, seaside fashions and island gifts.

Market Activity – Cape Haze

We currently have 13 actives listings in the Cape Haze area, which range in size and price. In the last six months, Pam Neer of the Englewood office has successfully closed five transactions and Elizabeth Burr and Nancy Christenson—both also of the Englewood office—have closed one each.

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