The Best of the Best

General George S. Patton, one of history’s greatest military leaders, once said: “The test of success is not what you do when you’re on top,” he told his troops. “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”

Today we borrow the General’s definition of success to illustrate the outstanding accomplishments of the highest achieving associates at Michael Saunders & Company for 2007. While the region’s real estate cycle was wending its way toward the bottom late last year, the professionals at Michael Saunders & Company had already sharpened their focus, adjusted their game, and with shoulders to the wheel propelled the company to $ 1.5 billion in annual sales.

Eight of these associates bounced high enough to earn the distinction of being the top-producing professionals in the market’s top-producing company. In other words, they squeezed the sweetest lemonade from the most stubborn lemon of a real estate market in recent memory. In essence they did exactly what Patton told his wartime troops to do: “Make your plans to fit the circumstances,” he advised them.

Kudos for this year’s top individual performance belong to Linda Roe Dickinson of our St. Armands office. A perennial achiever for more than three decades, Linda has been the company’s top performer for the past several years while still finding time to be active on the boards of such noteworthy institutions as the important new Sarasota Museum of Art.

Top performance as a team goes to Annette Rogers and Michael Moulton, from the Longboat Key South office. Since joining forces only five years ago, Michael and Annette have channeled impressive individual careers into a most formidable team at Michael Saunders & Company.

Five other top performers stared down the barrel of a tough year and transformed it into another milestone in their string of personal bests. They include Janis Collier, Linda Driggs and the team of Kim and Michael Ogilvie—all from the Main Street office—along with Ann Martin of the St.Armands office. Each of these individuals or teams wrapped up 2007 with well over $ 20 million in sales. Congratulations are also in order for Jennifer Schwell, also of our St. Armands office, who came within a whisper of the $ 20 million mark.

Legions of other associates turned in annual performances in the many millions of dollars. We applaud each of them for achievements that are all the more impressive for coming in such a challenging year. Their stand-out performances epitomizes the disciplined expertise that led the combined constellation of the 450-plus all-stars at Michael Saunders & Company to achieve an average of $ 4.4 million in daily sales throughout 2007. While the “pessimistas” in the media wanted everyone to believe that absolutely nothing was stirring in our market, these professionals were quietly and resolutely proving them wrong. Day after day.
Each of them demonstrated what George Patton meant in another of his more illustrious quotes. “Pressure,” he said, “makes diamonds.”


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