Social Networking and Customer Connection Breakouts Close Reinvent Yourself 09

To complete the conference, Matthew Haber—Director of Interactive Marketing—and David Gumpper—Director of Technology—moderated panels of breakout sessions to address the rising significance of social networking and technology in real estate.

Titled “Expanding Your Friendly Future,” Matthew’s panel included panel speakers Eric Bryn, Marc Rasmussen, and Anand Pallegar. Together, the panel discussed the importance of managing your online reputation through your social networking channels by touting the effectiveness of today’s most popular technology options: blogging, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. “You don’t have to understand the technology,” said Eric Bryn to those who may be unsure of transitioning to a technology-based business. “You have to understand the application of the technology to get the most out of your profession.”

Eric Bryn gestures during the Social Networking panel

Eric Bryn gestures during the Social Networking panel

David Gumpper’s session, titled “Connecting With My Customers,” highlighted the advanced new features of Outlook 2007. The Contacts feature in Outlook 2007 is actually a full-featured database, where each client contact can be tagged with categorical information, allowing useful mail merge lists to be quickly and comprehensively compiled in short notice. With this, our agents can take advantage of technology to keep in close contact with their clients and enhance their relationships electronically.

  • User Gravatar Marc Rasmussen
    May 15th, 2009

    The main speakers were great. Great job to everyone who helped organize the conference and thanks for the invite to the panel. 😉

  • User Gravatar Linda Singer
    May 15th, 2009

    This was the perfect mix. Speakers that were informative, uplifting and lots of balanced humor. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to provide this excellent meeting for the associates. Kudos!

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