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One of the most satisfying aspects of buying a new home is putting your own signature on the property through various home makeover projects.  When planned wisely and carried-out skillfully, such enhancements not only improve the property’s beauty, comfort and livability for you, but also its value and appeal to future buyers.

On the other hand, one of the least satisfying aspects of a home makeover often involves finding the people to accomplish exactly what you have in mind.  This is especially true when you are new to an area; or when the scope of the project falls outside your desire or ability to do the work yourself.  That’s when you scratch your head and wonder how you will ever find someone who is professional and has been recommended by other satisfied customers.

This is an ideal moment to get back in touch with your real estate agent.

Think about it.  Who knows more about the daily rhythms of a community than a full-time real estate agent, who spends virtually every day helping incoming families get settled; and giving outgoing families meaningful sendoffs to their new markets.

The most passionate agents in the business do much more than just show properties, solicit new listings and facilitate successful property transfers.   For a seller leaving town, their agent often suggests—among many other things—a reliable moving and storage company; not to mention a real estate company on the other end that will provide a comparable level of care and attention.  From incoming buyers, agents are routinely asked to suggest a host of service providers for everything from appliance repair to yacht maintenance.

Is your next home improvement project in need of an architect, interior designer, landscaper or licensed contractor?  An electrician, plumber, painter, trim carpenter, home electronics specialist, heating/cooling contractor, some or all of the above?     If so, connect with your real estate agent. It’s like having your own personal concierge on hand to suggest a selection of service providers.  Ultimately the decision will be yours; but they are there to provide you options.

Real estate is a relationship business. At Michael Saunders & Company, that relationship begins by making available to every customer the most complete range of real estate services available anywhere.  Then it’s about managing and facilitating an exchange of real property so that the results add up to no less than an exceptional experience for all parties involved.   From mortgage and title to relocation, rental and commercial services we believe your agent should be available at all times to help you make the best-informed decisions possible.  At the end of the day, it is not only our goal to help you buy or sell a residential or commercial property, but also to help you settle into it; and make the best use of your new community, neighborhood and lifestyle.  Along with our agents, we are committed to being there whenever you need options about anything having to do with the services our market has to offer.  Think of us as your community concierge.

  • User Gravatar Phyllis R. Sandals
    May 26th, 2012

    Two weeks ago my husband and I were hosted by Dan Freed from Michael Saunders & Co. We spent a well planned day viewing Sarasota real estate. We can testify to your claim that “real estate is relationship business.” It was the most informative and pleasant experience we have ever had with a realtor. There was no “hard sell” to add to the tension of trying to decide the what, how and when of acquiring a future home in the area. When we are ready to buy, Dan Freed will be our realtor. With his caring manner, authentic interest in getting to know us and our situation, and his extensive knowledge, we know that we can trust him to work in our best interests. In addition, we feel we have made a new friend.

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