Sarasota Real Estate – Unsung Heroes

Nine out of ten home buyers begin their property searches on the internet. That’s an established fact. That’s why it was fantastic to learn last week that Sarasota-Bradenton ranks 37th on a new survey of the 146 “most-searched” markets on Realtor.com, itself one of the most-searched real estate sites in the U.S.

That ours is one of the most vigorously searched markets will likely come as no surprise to the team of professionals inside the Michael Saunders Call Center.  More appointments to show properties were set there in March than in any other comparable period in the center’s 14-year history.   With buyers as active in our market as they’ve ever been, our call center specialists booked 7,377 appointments in March—or nearly 240 property showings each day—pushing their first quarter total to a record 21,051.  To put this number into its proper perspective, the Michael Saunders Call Center scheduled 34,329 appointments during all of 2005, at the peak of the region’s housing boom.  At its present rate, it will easily surpass that number in just six months.

The call center is vital for several reasons. With our market once again in sizzling demand, buyers are scrambling to preview their chosen properties before they’re sold; their desire to see several in rapid succession often accomplished through the patience and finesse of our call center representatives.  With agents as busy as they’ve ever been, the center makes certain that each call is answered quickly and courteously; and that the showing real estate agent on the other end is accommodated in a timely and professional manner.

By the same token, each seller is treated with the warmth and sensitivity they deserve every time a new appointment suddenly requires them to totally re-arrange their day.  Moreover, agents need only make a single call to book several showing appointments at once; thus enabling them to spend less time on logistics and more time with buyers.

Another advantage of the Michael Saunders Call Center is that each appointment is logged and recorded; so that reports detailing a property’s cumulative showing history can be generated upon request.  This enables the listing agent to gather feedback on such things as how well the property is priced, how well it shows, and how the number showings respond to differing marketing strategies.  The ultimate benefit, however, is the enhanced relationship it builds with our sellers; and with agents from other companies. They know that a familiar and dependable voice will always be on the other end of the line to expedite their needs—seven days a week, except for major holidays.

With season winding down, we are pleased to report that buyer activity has barely slowed; and certainly much less so than it normally does after Easter.  With 6,200 appointments expected to be set by the end of the month, our April call center volume is 15% ahead of last year’s.  As a result, now is a superb time to list your property, if you’ve been holding out for better times.  Despite our extremely picked-over inventory, buyers remain unusually active and determined to buy; often bidding-up the prices on the best-priced new listings.

This is also the perfect time to thank our call center representatives for the outstanding job they do managing the enormous volume of calls; and the multiple requests for showings that typically accompany each call.  You are the unsung superheroes of Michael Saunders & Company.

  • User Gravatar Joan Erni
    April 26th, 2012

    I want to add my thanks to Ronnie Nelson and her team; their energy and dedication are phenomenal!

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