Sarasota, Manatee & Charlotte Counties: September – Year Over Year Sales Comparison


The inventory of properties for sale in Sarasota County, along with the number of properties that were sold, remained essentially flat in September 2010 compared with September 2009. Pending sales—or properties placed under contract—experienced a year-over-year improvement of 7.6%.


The inventory of properties for sale in Manatee County was up marginally in September 2010, compared with the same time last year. The number of properties sold in September a 4.5% improvement over last September; with pending sales up a solid 15.3%.


The number of properties for sale in Charlotte County rose by 14.5% in September, compared with one year ago. Sold properties improved by 4.5% in September, compared with last year. Pended sales were up by 15.3%

  • User Gravatar Sandy
    October 29th, 2010

    You fail to disclose more pertinent data such as median and mean sales price, espcially by neighborhood.

    Gross ##’s of sales and listings is of no interest in the decision matrix of our future home purchase in Sarasota.

    Kind regards,

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