Royal Baby: Top 10 Decorating Tips for a Regal Kid’s Room

To Your Royal Highness, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge:

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Photo courtesy

From Florida’s Gulf Coast, we’d like to wish you hearty congratulations on the birth of your son!  Many of us across the pond were delighted by your initial courtship, eagerly watched the splendor of your royal wedding, and are so happy to hear about your first child!

While there must be plenty on your mind right now, from diamond-encrusted diapers to kid-sized crowns, we’d like to help you plan for the future. As your son grows into the young Prince of Cambridge, here are our own top 10 decorating tips for kids’ rooms.

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Photo courtesy

Home of the royal baby and his family. Photo courtesy

1. Ecofriendly Aristocracy –A great choice for healthy walls are low-VOC or zero-VOC paints. What’s more, wall-to-wall carpeting tends to contain harsh chemicals and trap dust, dirt and allergens. Surely, Kensington Palace must already have some fabulous marble or wooden floors.  Feel free to use soft area rugs to give the floors a cozy feel.  



2. Sovereign Storage – There are some great storage solutions from bins to benches to help keep all of His Royal Highness’s playthings straight. As the young prince grows, keep containers and shelves at his height to encourage their use.

Shelving and bins are kept straigt and at a height convenient for a young boy in this home for sale at 5309 Hidden Harbor Rd.

Shelving and bins are kept straight and at a height convenient for a young prince in this home for sale at 5309 Hidden Harbor Rd.

3. A Chalkboard for the Little Lord – Chalk board paint is easy to apply and wonderful for inspiring creativity. Encourage playtime with a low wall on which it is okay to color! Perhaps he and his young cousins, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, can color together! Benjamin Moore offers some great how-to-apply advice.

A wall decal of  Big Ben  from

A wall decal of Big Ben from

4. A Temporary Reign – No doubt the architecture in Kensington Palace has withstood a lot of history since the 17th century. Consider keeping it clean for future monarchs by using removable wall transfers. Blik can even customize them if you have a specific design in mind – say, a rendering of the royal family tree or the sights of London?

5. Family Crest on the Crib – Hand painted decorations around the room can make furniture or the walls appear more personal. Stencil designs can also introduce patterns to a room.  The royal baby might enjoy seeing his family crest adorning his nursery. Cutting Edge Stencil and Royal Design Studio are two companies you may want to research.

6. Regal Reflection – Provide him with a quiet area. A serene study environment is paramount for school-age children. Dedicate a space to homework or reading time. A desk or small table could suit the purpose.

7. A Commanding Monogram– While there will soon be plenty of trinkets across the United Kingdom bearing his name, make something truly come from the heart with a monogramed item in his room. Personalized letters on the wall are a great way of helping your child realize their own individually while also introducing them to the alphabet. You may even find some vintage industrial letters at our own Sarasota Architectural Salvage

Wallpaper of 1890 London from Majesty Maps and Prints

Wallpaper of 1890 London from Majesty Maps and Prints

8. Imperial Wallpaper – For the one day king, keep any wallpaper in the room sophisticated. Consider a design that is playful or colorful but one that he will also grow into. Majesty Maps and Prints can provide wallpaper maps of London! We like this one from 1890 London.

9. Noble Playspace – Given London’s urban environment, try incorporating a play area within the home! There will be plenty of time for his formal upbringing – give him an indoor swing or even a slide and a folding mat to play on.

Bedroom from Hidden Harbor Rd home that has sold.

Bedroom from a Hidden Harbor Rd home on Siesta Key has plenty of play space for a young surf-loving prince.

10. Luxurious Lighting – Multiple kinds of lighting is important in making any space good for many purposes. As he grows, the prince will no doubt need a reading light for his enjoyment of Peter Rabbit or Harry Potter. And don’t forget a nightlight in case he is up in the middle of the night counting regal sheep!

No matter how you choose to decorate, there is no doubt that you will pick nothing but the best for your little one! Once again congratulations on the birth of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Cambridge and cheerio from Florida’s Gulf Coast!

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