Room for Improvement – Top Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

In today’s real estate market, many homeowners may have witnessed a drop in the value of their home. While the reasons are varied and complex, there are some things that can be done on the homeowner’s property to regain some of the equity that may otherwise have been lost in recent years.

Most homeowners enjoyworking on projects around the home, from adding and improving to making simple changes throughout. In addition to improving the aesthetics and overall comfort, these projects can add significant value to the property for when the time comes to sell.

Here are our top projects to help you raise your home’s value:

Fencing – Not just for privacy and security purposes, fencing also adds extra impact in the exterior look of your property. However, before you start any steps on installing a fence, be sure that you know the entire homeowners and local zoning codes fencing rules indicating how tall the fence should be and what materials are allowable to be used. If you’re trying to sell your home, buyers with children or pets will appreciate this addition.

In the Gutter – While they’re certainly not a home’s most exciting feature, gutters should be at the top of your exterior updates list. Gutters protect most exterior parts of the house such as doors, windows, sidings and foundations, and poor gutter maintenance will lead to damage to these areas. Use gutters that are durable and will last long. Aluminum gutters are a popular option because they’re durable and resistant to rust, while vinyl gutters are inexpensive and fairly easy to install yourself.

Energy Smart – Make yours an energy efficient home by adding insulation. The most inexpensive way to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to add insulation. Before you start the insulation project, call your local utility company to have an energy audit conducted on your home.  Proper insulation can reduce heating and cooling costs as much as 30 percent and make a home feel more comfortable.

Kitchen – The kitchen is one room where upgrades almost always bring a large return on investment. A major kitchen overhaul can be very costly, yet equally effective when placing your home on the market. While not everyone can afford the cost of a possible full-scale remodel, there are some wallet-friendly steps you can take to spruce up the heart of your home with a surface renovation. One way to improve your kitchen is to simply replace your old appliances. Stainless steel is the current standard, but you don’t have to buy the commercial-quality Viking range or the most expensive Sub-Zero refrigerator. Any updated appliances will look better, run better, and give your kitchen more appeal.

Bathroom – Like the kitchen, little changes go a long way when it comes to bathroom updates. Simply replacing old fixtures and hardware can give an outdated bathroom a stylish, contemporary look. If you want to go one step further, consider updating your sink. Vessel sinks that sit directly on top of the vanity are a trendy, modern option.

Curb Appeal – When it comes to adding value to your home, curb appeal makes a significant contribution. Before you take on any major landscaping projects, start small by getting your lawn in shape. Reseed any bad areas and have the soil tested for any chemicals needed for healthy grass.

  • User Gravatar Peter
    March 30th, 2011

    Lately I’ve seen some homes that have zero curb appeal, not from overgrown plants or dead grass, but a complete lack of any landscaping whatsoever. Strange new phenomenon.

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