Michael Saunders & Company is pleased to welcome Linda McKenzie to the St. Armands office.

With a degree in Accounting/Business Administration from Charleston Southern University, combined with eight years of experience in a local law firm, Linda began her real estate career in Charleston, SC, with the opening of Linda McKenzie Realty in 1982.  She became the exclusive broker for two on-site, multi-family waterfront developments, working with a developer from Atlanta, GA.

 Linda was involved in advertising, model-set up and design, on-site sales office, floor plan design, site selection and demographics. She also opened a home accessories store for her clients and models.

 Linda also worked as a commercial broker, representing a franchise restaurant chain in the southeast and had a brief association with the Hilton Corporation.

 With expertise in waterfront properties, Linda began her real estate career in Sarasota, FL, in 1992. She later opened Luxury Homes Links in Sarasota, and in 2001 started a subsidiary mortgage business, Secure Home Links.

 Linda has recently maintained her office of Distinctive Homes of the Carolinas in Charleston, SC, and North Carolina and is now back in Sarasota with a full time commitment to helping restore values in our community.


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