Last Minute Shopping – Top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Avoid the rush. Here are some tips for last minute shopping made easy.

Avoid the rush. Here are some tips for last minute shopping made easy.

The holiday season is here, which means your time for gift shopping is quickly running out. With friends and relatives taking advantage of one of the best times to ever buy a home, now is the perfect opportunity to purchase the things they can use to maintain and personalize their new place.

Owning a home is a celebration and an accomplishment all in one. So, help make this holiday season extra special for those new homeowners on your list by getting them what they really need. Here are our top 10 last minute gift ideas for new homeowners:

1. Grass doesn’t cut itself – Lawn mowers are one tool a lot of former renters don’t have, but will need to maintain their new properties. Depending on the size of their lot, an inexpensive push mower might be perfect for the entire lawn. Lawn mowers are usually found quite cheap around December, so the holidays are the perfect time to buy one.

Buying the right gift will leave those on your list full of glee.

Buying the right gift will leave those on your list full of glee.

2. Put on the heat – Barbeque grills are inexpensive during the winter months, and will make a great gift. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate gas grill with burners. Even a nice sized charcoal grill will be a welcome addition to the patio or deck when summer comes. Besides, what better way to rejoice over a new home than to have a barbeque?

3. Mr. Fixit – Especially for new homeowners just starting out, the ultimate in useful housewarming gifts is a toolbox filled with all the basics such as hammer and nails, screwdriver, wrench, faucet washers in various sizes, a can of silicone oil spray to unstick doors and windows, along with a tube of crazy glue in case things start to fall apart.

4. Come on in – Personalized welcome mats are great. They can be ordered in many different sizes, colors, patterns and materials.

5. Garden state – For many people, one of the best things about buying a home is the space to start a garden. Check out a local nursery for lots of gift ideas. If you’re buying plants, be sure to read the plant labels carefully – you don’t want to give someone a shrub that will take over their entire yard.

6. Read all about it – Whether decorating, cooking, entertaining or home repairs, there are magazine options to cover everything a new homeowner needs. Pick up a subscription or gift certificate from your local bookstore to help them along.

7. Keep it safe – A small fireproof safe or large fireproof lockbox will come in handy for the new homeowner to store their papers pertaining to their home and personal life. Fireproof safes and lockboxes can be found online and at retail chains such as Wal-Mart or Target.

8. In the basket – Make a gift basket, with an assortment of things like household cleaners, towels, tools and other knick knacks that are necessary in a new home. These common but essential items tend to be last on an excited new homeowner’s mind to purchase.

Fill a gift basket with all the traditional items.

Fill a gift basket with all the traditional items.

9. A bit of everything – Give a new twist to the old housewarming tradition of giving wine (“so that you may be joyous”) bread (“so you never go hungry”), and salt (“to add spice to your life”) by assembling a gift basket of table wines, fruit, gourmet baked goods and cheeses.

10. Do-it-yourself – If you are still unsure about what will be well-received or utilized by the new homeowners on your shopping list, gift cards are the way to go. First-time homebuyers love to buy things for their new house or condominium, but are often strapped for cash. Gift cards to local home improvement stores can help finance the very things they need and the styles or colors they want.

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