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Strength in NumbersAs a company intent on providing the best possible customer service, we succeed in direct proportion to how well our agents can do their jobs.  So its music to our ears when we hear newer agents, veteran agents—and former agents returning home from other companies—tell us how delighted they are to be where the best resources are. Here’s what some of them said when asked why they chose Michael Saunders & Company as their base for serving their clients and customers.

Every Tuesday morning, scores of our agents pack a church hall in South Sarasota to preview the company’s newest listings, share ideas and professional secrets, welcome new agents; and generally discuss best practices for selling properties in today’s market.  Each week, Michael weighs-in with new ideas and initiatives before they fan out to preview their colleagues’ newest listings, offer solid advice on proper pricing and generally support each other’s efforts to succeed on behalf of their clients.

At last week’s meeting, Michael enthusiastically welcomed Judy Arreola—a veteran top-producing agent—back to the fold after several years with another company.  As her business partner, Kristina Talkie—who is joining MS&C for the first time—looked on, Judy rose to let everyone know why there’s no place like home.

“Wow, where do I begin,” she said.  “Michael’s business practices, her professionalism, integrity and aptitude for the business are unparalleled in our profession.  Michael is a local girl who truly cares about Sarasota, loves real estate and surrounds herself with the best marketing and technology teams in the business.  Working with this outstanding woman is a golden opportunity.”

Arreola’s remarks unleashed a wave of similar responses from agents throughout the company.

Annette Rogers shares Judy’s perspective.  A pioneering veteran with Michael Saunders & Company, Rogers left the company briefly, but returned with a similarly freshened outlook.  “I came back,” she says, “because MS&C has the best agents, the best listings and a reputation that speaks for itself.”

Michael Moulton—Rogers’ business partner for the past seven years—offers another view:  “The greatest assets this company has are Drayton and Michael Saunders.  The company is home grown, so all their decisions are based on what’s best for our specific market.  Michael is a tireless traveler to conferences around the world, where she never ceases to preach the gospel of Sarasota real estate; and always returns home fully energized and ready to implement new practices that keep the firm on the leading edge of the business. The resources she has given us are endless.”

“Having a superior, in-house technology department is the key to success in today’s tech-driven real estate industry,” adds Deborah Beacham, a top-producing agent about to celebrate her first anniversary with MS&C. “Plus, our cutting-edge marketing department provides the tools we need to help grow our individual businesses.”

“Sometimes you have to leave to realize what you had,” admits Karen Chandler from the Siesta Key office, who returned last year after briefly testing the waters with another company.  “The grass started to look greener elsewhere and I rationalized that change is sometimes necessary for growth.  It didn’t happen.  My business suffered and I felt frustrated by the lack of support.  After two years I came back to overwhelming support, encouragement and acceptance—especially from Michael.  Since returning, my clients are happy, my business is back; and this past year has been one of my best.  This speaks volumes for the company.”

“My search for the ideal real estate agency was a very deliberate process,” says Lisa Curt, of the Palmer Ranch office. “Having previously been with a large independent company, my goal was to find a similar, locally-owned company where the owner is directly involved in the success of the firm and the agents it recruits. This ruled out the large corporate franchises. I also wanted to position myself with a company that offered the most advanced marketing and technology tools; which ruled out smaller independently-owned companies.  It didn’t take long to realize that MS&C was what I was looking for.”

“Being part of MS&C, we always have amazing leadership and support,” says Marcia Salkin who, with business partner Paulene Soublis, returned to the company last December.  “Michael and Drayton set the tone, the marketing department keeps us out in front; and our technology department keeps us wired-in and going full throttle.  Our strength is also in our fellow agents.  They are the most professional, best educated—and quite frankly—the most talented agents in the market.”

“Before joining Michael Saunders & Company we were successful agents at another company in Port Charlotte,” said Ellen Baker, who along with partner Michael Hollenbeck, are now among the top producing agents in MS&C’s Englewood office.  “And yet, no matter what we did or how hard we worked, we couldn’t snag the top listings in our market.  In less than a year after joining Michael Saunders & Company, we have more premier properties than any other agents in the area and are confident we couldn’t have done this without the Michael Saunders brand.  It gave us instant credibility with sellers of luxury properties.  We’re not just proud to work for Michael Saunders, but the quality of her brand is unsurpassed.”

“I chose MS&C for its extensive training, continuing education programs, support staff; and the many other tools that help grow our businesses,” says Debbie Vogler from the Bradenton office.  Jo-Ann Sckowska and Nell Taylor, from Venice, swear by the weekly caravan meetings.  “They’re always informative and taken very seriously by the agents.  It’s no wonder so many of the company’s listings are sold by company agents.  They know the properties.”

Elzia Phillips of Palmer Ranch says: “Michael and Drayton have hundreds of agents, but you’d never know it by the way the company feels.  We’re treated like family and call on one another whenever we need help or guidance.  Isn’t that great?”

What a happy note to end on!  As friends and families unite for the holidays, we at Michael Saunders & Company are thankful to be united by common values, an unwavering commitment to customer service; and an intense devotion to a community that has given us so much to be thankful for.  Moreover, our dynamic agents, staff and management add up to the most incredible gift a company could possibly ask for—the absolute best human resources in the business.

Written by Tom Heatherman – Michael Saunders & Company

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