Go, Go Green Gadgets – Top 10 Green Gadgets for Your Home

A number of new and exciting green gadgets are available for any home. Image courtesy of Getty.

With computers, smart phones and everyday technology becoming more and more omnipresent, companies and inventors are seeking new ways to increase the number of green gadgets that perform the same tasks yet with less harm to the environment or our wallets. From conventional to unique, these devices are as useful as they are creative, serving as helpful tools to have around the house or on the go.

While their uses are varied, the one thing they all have in common is their diminished environmental impact, and people are taking notice. A testament to this is the increasing amount of such items that can be found for sale. Though some are still in the conception stage, here are our top 10 green gadgets that come in handy for around the home:

1.  Charge It – Apparently, cell phones lose power if the longer they remain plugged in once their batteries are fully charged. The EcoCharger  EPC-1000-7 not only prevents the phone from being able to draw any additional charge, but also helps to save electricity by working efficiently when charging. This gadget allows you to fully charge your device then it automatically disconnects the charger from the AC outlet once it senses that the phone has been fully charged, thus avoiding a waste of electricity in turn giving the battery a longer lifespan. Learn more HERE.

2. Charge It (Again) – Are the days of recharging our batteries via a regular charger about to come to an end? Moixa Energy, Ltd. has developed the USBCell battery, which is a revolutionary technology that allows recharging batteries simply by plugging them into a computer’s USB port. According to the company, there are over 15 billion alkaline batteries made and thrown away each year, the outcome of that is wasted resources, carbon dioxide (C02) and toxic landfill. The USBCELL offers an eco-friendly alternative – since no charger adapter or cable is needed, their batteries can be reused hundreds of times. Find out more HERE.

Light up your landscape with these earth-friendly step lights.

3.  Step Lights –

Perfect for landscape design and functional use, the Slate Step Lights are solar powered lights formed into robust slate steps. Each light is set into a natural slate tile to provide safety lighting to a path or ambient lighting to a garden. When the batteries are fully charged the lights can provide up to 8 hours of illumination. Find out more HERE.

4. Solar Spotlight – Motion detectors can provide peace of mind for those who like to keep their safe at night. The 45 LED solar spotlight’s high-powered LEDs produce 210 lumens whenever it detects motion. The solar panel connects to the light with a 15′ cord, allowing the light to be installed under a shaded eave or porch while the solar panel collects optimal sunlight on a rooftop. The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery provides up to 14 hours of light after a full charge. Find out more about this gadget HERE.

5.  Dripping With Green – Convert an old plastic bottle into a useful device with the IRISO Water Dripper.  This system can be set to a number of drip rates to allow it to be compatible to a range of plant sizes. By using a large bottle, you can ensure your plants are watered even if you are away for weeks. IRISO water drippers are a system for watering houseplants 24 hours a day without wasting a drop. Learn more HERE.

This green concept is sure to please plant lovers everywhere.

6.  Digital Plant Pot

– People love their plants. They grow them, take care of them, talk to them, and even show their true feelings if their loved plant is not looking so good. This new digital plant pot concept measures how the plant is doing by the condition of the soil, humidity and temperature surroundings, and also water levels. Based on its needs, the plant pot will display you if it needs tending to by different facial emotions. In addition, its system will drain it if it has been over-watered.

7.  ECO Clock – The Bedol Eco-Friendly clock is powered by just plain water and a dash of lemon juice and nothing else. No batteries, no spring-loaded mechanisms or any external source of electricity. Once filled, the clock will function continuously for 8-12 weeks before it needs a refill. The best part of this eco-friendly gadget is that it sells for only $16.00. Find out more HERE.

8. Handpresso – Enjoy the jolt from a morning espresso? The Handpresso handheld portable espresso machine is a simple, eco-friendly alternative to more complicated and technical espresso machines, and small enough to take anywhere. Made from environmentally friendly materials, the Handpresso is durable, reliable and perfect for coffee on the go. Learn more HERE.

9.  Green Toaster – The Kenwood Moda toaster is a stylish stainless steel toaster that, unlike many other toasters, is capable of heating just a single slot when one piece of toast is all that is required. By doing so it can then save around 50% of the electricity an average toaster would use for this purpose. The toaster also has a peek and view setting, which allows you to pop up whatever is in the toaster to view its progress without canceling its toasting setting. The main eco-friendly feature of this toaster is what Kenwood calls Ecoslot. This slot allows you to toast something using only one slot of the two slot toaster. Get yours HERE.

10. Not a Joke – I’m sure we’ve all heard the joke of something being as wise as a “solar-powered flashlight.” Now it’s a very wise reality. The Hybrid Power Solar Powered Flashlight can be charged in the sun during the day and its power stored in a battery for later use. Once the light is fully charged, it can hold its charge for three years. Its LED has a guaranteed lifespan of eleven continuous years. It is waterproof, for up to 80 feet of depth, and it can float was well. On a full charge, it can provide light for ten hours. Get yours HERE.

  • User Gravatar Brian Gregg
    September 29th, 2010

    Great blog post! It is amazing to see technology blend with the sustainable products. Even in the sign industry we are seeing more and more eco-friendly products.

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