Full of Beans: ‘Perq’ Coffee Creates A Buzz In Sarasota

PerqlogoI have to admit, the Marketing Team at Michael Saunders & Company gets through a fair amount of coffee. The beloved Keurig machine sits like a shining beacon of energy, patiently waiting to jolt us to life at 8:30am.

Now being a Brit, I am rather more partial to a fine cup of tea; but when I heard that my favorite sweet treat shop, The Lollicake Queen, had opened a brand new specialty coffee bar, I couldn’t resist the chance to experience the buzz (not only from the caffeine!).

Perq Coffee Bar brings gourmet coffee to Sarasota, and focuses on single origin, distinct brewing methods and sustainability. The delicious coffee (and tea, happily!) is complimented by an array of freshly made pastries and cakes, as well as sandwiches and salads from local favorite Mozzarella Fella.

Kathryn, Shelley and I headed over to its West of the Trail location at Hillview Street for lunch on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, ready for a pick-me-up (and maybe a sweet treat!).

An intense fresh brewed coffee smell fills the cool, industrial looking interior. Sleek metal and wood finishes are accented with a pop of vibrant green. Behind the glass cabinets, a host of delicious treats beckon, including organic raspberry lemon tart with whipped cream, brown butter pound cake wheels and chocolate éclairs!



The Barista was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Letting her know I was not a fan of super strong coffee, she recommended the “Gisaroles” blend, a coffee with notes of mango, mandarin orange and apple butter. I had a “flat white” (steamed milk over espresso) with almond milk.


photo (8)


Kathryn chose an elegant chai tea latte, and Shelley, to avoid a wired up afternoon, chose their decaf blend. She said the coffee tasted so good, it didn’t need any cream at all. We nibbled on fresh mozzarella sandwiches and arugula, walnut and goat cheese salads.


photo (1)



Copywriter Extraordinaire Lucy Hope

The Illustrious Kathryn Parks

The Illustrious Kathryn Parks


Kathryn’s Mexican stout chocolate truffle looked yummy.




There’s even a map which told us where in the world our coffee had come from…


photo (9)


And a gentle reminder of coffee etiquette…


photo (10)


Overall, we had a delightful lunch at Perq, and will definitely be returning for another coffee fix.  We even had time for a quick shopping expedition just down the street.


Shelley "Can I speak to the shoe department please" Whiteside

Shelley “Can I speak to the shoe department please” Whiteside


Have you been to Perq Coffee Bar yet? 

  • User Gravatar Katie
    June 5th, 2013

    This sounds amazing! I want to go!

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