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Through the soaring limestone, glass and sculpted bronze façade of 20 Rockefeller Center pass one of the world’s most coveted clienteles.  This renowned Midtown Manhattan landmark, long celebrated for its Art Deco design and worldly sophistication, appropriately houses another landmark of worldly sophistication—the 310,000 square-foot North American headquarters of the venerable Christie’s Fine Art Auction House, now in its 243rd year.  Appropriate too because the clientele that step across Christie’s magnificent triple-height threshold represents a cross-section of the most sophisticated and deep-pocketed buyers of fine art, jewelry and antiquities on the planet.  In New York, as elsewhere in the world, Christie’s is a name and place that bespeaks extraordinary art, unparalleled service and expertise; and international wealth and glamour.

What does any of this have to do with buying or selling properties in Southwest Florida?

If you’re selling a luxury home valued at $1 million or up, co-branding the Christie’s name with Michael Saunders & Company—by far the local leader in both listing and bringing buyers to high-value properties—immediately imparts an aura of prestige while heightening overall buyer interest in the property.  At the same time, it affords the opportunity your home to be custom marketed to, among others, the world’s most sophisticated connoisseurs of fine art and luxury properties—customers of Christie’s Fine Art Auction House.  Purchasing second, third or even fourth homes in quality destinations such as ours is front-and-center on the radar screens of many of these high net-worth individuals.   Moreover, they trust the Christie’s name implicitly and immediately realize that even the most complex real estate needs will be handled with Christie’s-like attention to details, service and style by its chosen representative in Southwest Florida—Michael Saunders & Company.

For this reason, Christie’s Fine Art Auction House is the only institution of its kind to wholly own and operate a worldwide network of top-tier real estate brokerages as an important—and some would say vital—service to its customers; and other equally capable homebuyers around the globe.  That service—better known as Christie’s Great Estates—is an international network of luxury real estate brokerages whose strategic connectivity links qualified buyers with properties judged to be among the finest in the world at any given time.

Christies Great Estates is not a franchise operation, where paid fees virtually guarantee automatic broker acceptance and the ability to list any property regardless of price or importance.  Instead, to assure the utmost in quality, exclusivity and customer service, membership in Christies Great Estates is by invitation only to hand-picked companies with proven records of success in high-value home sales.  Moreover, only properties priced from $1 million and up qualify for inclusion in the Christie’s Great Estates program.

The Christie’s Great Estates Network—of which Michael Saunders & Company is proud to be the exclusive affiliate in Southwest Florida—is an amalgam of the world’s leading luxury brokers; 143 in all, across 42 countries. With 900 offices, 36,000 sales associates; and an average list price of $3.95 million, it is the pre-eminent go-to network for important properties priced from $1 million.  It’s Web site (—upon which all qualified properties listed through Michael Saunders & Company are featured—experiences more than 200,000 visitor sessions per month; many of which are “click-throughs” from the auction house Web site (

Once listed with Michael Saunders & Company, a property eligible for the Christie’s Great Estates program is elevated to a worldwide platform from which it is not only marketed to and through the network’s affiliated brokerages, but also becomes eligible for cross-marketing to the exceptionally qualified clientele of Christie’s Fine Art Auction House.  A strategic bonus for sellers if there ever was one.

Christie’s Great Estates operates a highly-visible property desk inside each of Christie’s Fine Art Auction House hubs—located in Rockefeller Center, the exclusive St. James section of Central London; and (soon) in Hong Kong.  Consequently, if a Christie’s patron stops at one of these desks to browse the high-impact displays and exquisitely-designed property brochures, they are instantly referred to Michael Saunders & Company should they express interest in featured properties along Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Luxury homebuyers need not be patrons of—nor ever actually set foot inside—a Christie’s Fine Art Auction House to grasp the significance of the Christie’s brand name.  Since its founding in 1766, the Christie’s name has become synonymous to those in the know with uncompromised attention to quality, service and details.   When co-branded with Michael Saunders & Company—the region’s most trusted name in luxury real estate—buyers are doubly assured of being in the most capable hands when choosing a property.  For nearly three-and-a-half decades, we’ve elevated purchasing properties in Southwest Florida to a fine art.

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