Englewood’s Star Rises

Recently, Tripadvisor.com named Englewood, FL SECOND on a list of top emerging destinations in the U.S.  This is very exciting and positive news for our area as well as for the company! Please see the article below that recently ran in the Charlotte Sun Newspaper:

Englewood is second on a list of top emerging U.S. destinations, according to TripAdvisor.com.

It is No. 1 in terms of being the best, affordable neighborhood to retire to in the U.S., according to walletpop.com.

In less than a year Englewood has scored high on several quality-of-life indexes and the accolades are beginning to pay dividends.

“You can’t buy that kind of publicity and recognition — you can’t put a price on it. It’s beyond anyone’s budget,” said Becky Bovell, director of the Charlotte Harbor Visitor and Conventions Bureau.

Now Englewood will be featured in stories appearing in “Southern Boating Magazine” in August and again in October in “PassageMaker,” a magazine for trawler and ocean motor boats.

Sarasota-based freelance writer Dottie Rutledge writes marine destination stories. She traveled to Englewood on a 50-foot yacht for the Southern Boating story, bringing along Jim Raycroft, a Boston and Fort Lauderdale-based marine photographer.

Englewood’s old Florida charm and unspoiled quality make it an ideal candidate for the magazines she writes for, Rutledge said.

“This is the first time we’ve looked at Englewood, partly because it was voted by Travelocity as one of the top 10 destinations,” Rutledge said. “The downtown’s a fun place to be. The whole town is so affordable.”

The type of accolades that Englewood has received lately depict it as an emerging destination. That will have a positive impact on the bureau’s own marketing efforts, Bovell said.

The bureau is responsible for marketing the area’s beaches and natural places using money from tourist tax dollars.

“We’re expected to do that — it’s our job,” Bovell said. “When it’s someone whose opinion readers respect, it has much more significance.”

Vacationers often say beaches are the top draw but when an area receives this type of recognition, it goes beyond one criterion, Bovell said.

“Many different elements have come together to warrant this type of recognition. The recognition will help the area grow in a balanced way,” she said.

What Englewood has going for it are a combination of natural, cultural and historical amenities, according to its promoters.

“In my view they combine to offer visitors a sense of place,” Bovell said. “I think that’s what people are looking of now — an experience that is comfortable, hospitable and welcoming. Englewood has those things and the various media outlets and travel organizations are beginning to recognize that.”


  • User Gravatar Bill Rutledge
    September 3rd, 2014

    Own a home in Gulf Cove great article

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