Chicken or Egg?

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Like the classic conundrum involving which came first, the chicken or the egg, here’s a question that never fails to ignite debate at cocktail parties everywhere:

Which matters more when selling a home?  The agent you select to help you accomplish the feat; or the company he or she works for?

Needless to say, there are no definitive answers to these questions because no two transactions ever involve the exact same set of circumstances.  Sometimes an agent’s track record of success helps attract a seller, while the company’s reach, reputation and resources help bring in the buyer.  One thing, however, is for sure in today’s unforgiving market. Whether you personally place more emphasis on the agent than the company he or she represents—or vice versa—there has never been a more critical time to weigh the merits of each very carefully before deciding with whom to list your home.

As a company dedicated to exceptional service, we naturally think that clients and customers are deserving and entitled to both—a great agent backed by the resources of a great company.  After all, at each closing, both agent and company receive just compensation for having done their fair share of the heavy lifting.  Moreover, a talented and resourceful agent is of much greater value to you when backed by a company that injects even more resources into the customer service equation.

At Michael Saunders & Company we go to tremendous lengths to make sure the agents we put in service to you can do much more than simply produce a valid real estate license and occupy a desk.  Although we have many of the market’s leading neighborhood and property specialists, we are determined to be known for the quality of our agents, not the quantity.

At the end of the day, our agents prosper because they share our passion for real estate, the Southwest Florida region, its properties; and for the level of service and knowledge that are due each client and customer.   After all, any agent who has Michael Saunders & Company on their business card becomes the face of this company in the eyes of their clients, customers, friends and family.  They represent our brand to the community; their skills and expertise calculated to reflect our 34-year-old reputation for values, market sophistication and community involvement.

As the great cocktail debate continues, you might hear someone chime-in with, “If I have a really great real estate agent, it makes no difference which company they work for.”

Point well taken; but seriously flawed.  Just as every great dancer needs a great partner, agents do their best when paired with a company willing to match their efforts with the latest tools, technology and industry resources.

As markets cycle through new times and challenges, companies such as ours are not only responsible for keeping agents in lockstep with the market, but also charged with doing everything possible to reach potential buyers wherever they happen to be.  Technology has made browsing for properties online a much more rewarding experience for buyers; while agents are assured of having their sellers’ listings previewed the world over via 2,000 web sites linked to the Gulf Coast’s most frequently visited Web site,  Good companies gladly absorb the cost of new programs and technologies designed to help their agents, clients and customers excel.  It’s called “mutual profitability.”  It’s one of four core values that govern our daily activities.  The other three are integrity, excellence and positive communications.

Agents here also know that they can count on Michael Saunders to network their way into every major association of real estate brokers in the world.  These presently include exclusive relationships with Christie’s Great Estates, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Portfolio, Mayfair International Realty and the European Real Estate Network, or EREN.

Markets change.  Not that long ago, agents who specialized in such relatively exotic transactions as foreclosures and “short sales” were a rarity.  Such expertise simply wasn’t demanded of most agents—at the time.  Today, with the unprecedented numbers of short sales and foreclosures that have cascaded onto the market, agents of Michael Saunders & Company are provided with specialized training and/or professionally-staffed divisions to help them maneuver their clients through every type of property transaction.

So instead of either/or; of either a great agent or a great company being the dominant force behind a successful real estate transaction, think of it as a marriage of equals with all the combined benefits accruing to you.

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