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The Neighborhood Report – Downtown Sarasota

Alinari - Downtown Sarasota Living

Alinari - Downtown Sarasota Living

The condominiums gracing Sarasota’s downtown offer a carefree lifestyle among an assortment of exciting amenities. As area prices have decreased considerably, buyers from around the world are taking advantage of once-in-a-lifetime values in some of downtown’s most sought-after complexes, namely One Hundred Central, Plaza at Five Points, Condo on the Bay, The Ritz-Carlton Tower Residences, The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Kanaya and The Renaissance, among many others. Gary Loughlin, branch manager of Michael Saunders & Company’s Main Street office, reports a standout opportunity in residences in Alinari. This beautiful location has experienced dramatically reduced developer prices on units, some up to 40 percent lower than the beginning of 2009, resulting in a steady flood of homebuyers taking interest.

Success Stories from Main Street

Main Street agent Karen Wall is the site representative for Michael Saunders & Company at Alinari. In the last few months, Karen has been involved in ten closed sales and currently has several more under contract. One recent buyer found the opportunity so exceptional that they purchased two units.

Until the price modifications were put into effect, the sales in the building had been quite slow for an extended period of time. These adjustments have definitely created a very strong buyer interest, with many people who previously viewed the units returning to purchase.

Gary’s Bottom Line – Advice to Homebuyers

Do not try to time the bottom of the market!  Right now, there are many fine properties and very attractive prices. Buyers are finding extraordinary values and moving on them.

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