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23 About Me – Linda, Leading the Way

23LogoEvery month, we profile an individual who is part of the make-up of Michael Saunders & Company. We quiz our agents, staff, or management with 23 questions and while the prompts always stay the same, the answers illustrate just how diverse our DNA is.

Here, we interview Linda Krysinski, Michael Saunders & Company’s e’Commerce Manager. Using her excellent skills in customer service and sales, she does her best to follow leads, ensuring every customer gets the attention they need before passing it onto a sales associate.

Read on to find out what leads Linda daily, from her favorite beach, to her love of family, to a competitive sport involving eight-wheels. (more…)

23 About Me: Bringing the Amalfi to the Gulf Coast

23LogoThis month, our “23 About Me” blog series takes us on a trip to the Michael Saunders & Company Lakewood Ranch office. We posed our questions to Realtor, Tom Cinquegrano – a former Rhode Island resident with strong Italian roots.  Tom and his wife decided one day in 1977 to sail into Sarasota and they’ve been anchored here ever since.

Find out where he goes for his Italian food and what Renaissance man you’d find him dining with if he had his choice!

Cinquegrano_TomChoose one: country estate, city penthouse or beachfront living?
Enjoying the beaches of Sarasota, living in a beach cottage.

What is your favorite ice cream?
Pistachio gelato from Epicure on Main Street.

Favorite cuisine?
Italian from any of these restaurants: Made in Italy in Venice, Epicure in Sarasota, and Sardinia in Sarasota, or my own kitchen in my house. (more…)


23 About Me – Going to Bat for Relocation

23LogoWhat do baseball, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Batgirl have in common? The obvious answer may have you thinking of America’s favorite pastime (that, or a certain librarian by day, caped crime fighter by night). But, you might also find a commonality in our latest “23 About Me” interviewee – as well as learning about what brought her to Sarasota and her favorite extravagance (hint: keep her away from the Nordstrom Rack opening soon at the Shoppes at University Town Center!).

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Joan Erni, Director of Relocation and Referral Services

Choose one: country estate, city penthouse or beachfront living?
The beach (of course!) (more…)

Victoria Falls for Our “23 About Me”

23LogoEvery month, we spotlight an individual at Michael Saunders & Company in “23 About Me.” Our last blog visited the island of Boca Grande where we learned more about Realtor, Marybeth Tvaroch.

Moving onto the mainland, Victoria Stultz assists her customers from the Palmer Ranch real estate office with Sarasota homes for sale. No doubt her savvy business smarts and personable nature make her an invaluable Realtor, but we wanted to go a little deeper.

From having her favorite ice cream flown-in from across the country to a love for detective shows, we hold our own investigation to learn more about Victoria. (Continue reading though to the end for our own detective challenge.) (more…)

23 About Me – The Theatrics of Marybeth Tvaroch

23LogoIn continuing our series, “23 About Me,” the blog takes a turn southward to our Boca Grande office where Realtor Marybeth Tvaroch answered our introspective questions. Not only an expert in Boca Grande homes for sale, Marybeth could probably teach you how to do a two-step or even something about your own psychological preferences!  
Read on to learn what she enjoys – from dinner at South Beach to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Choose one: mountain hideaway, city penthouse or beach house?
Beach house in Del Mar, CA. City penthouse in Chicago and San Francisco. I am too much of an extrovert for the mountains, but I have stayed in a log cabin for a long weekend. (more…)

23 About Me – Navigating the Lanes with Kevin

We start this “23 About Me” with a riddle: Who is at every Michael Saunders & Company location but has no office of their own? Who do we see every day but only know by first name?
If you are exceedingly clever or if you have read the title of this post, then you probably have an answer by now: Kevin! (Or more specifically, Kevin Lane) That’s right; Kevin Lane is the Michael Saunders & Company courier. He travels our entire tri-county area to visit each office, from Bradenton IMG Academies to Punta Gorda to Lakewood Ranch real estate office. Kevin drives around 200 miles and makes up to 30 stops a day, transporting inter-office communications, supplies, and a smile upon arrival. (more…)

“23 About Me” is Cookin’ with Kristy Lochead

23LogoOur series, “23 About Me,” was created to get to know the people of Michael Saunders & Company, beyond their expertise in Gulf Coast real estate.
This week, we posed our batch of investigative questions to Kristy Lochead, receptionist for the Main Street office located in downtown Sarasota. Always smiling with a cheerful personality, she has just the kind of attitude that would have helped her when, in her youth, she dreamed of becoming a backup dancer for a hugely popular American boy band. Read on to find out which one:
Choose one: mountain hideaway, city penthouse or beach house?
Beach house, no doubt. (more…)

23 About Me – Say Ciao to Office Manager Laura Benson

23LogoIn our series, “23 About Me” we’ve been enjoying a more in depth look into the people who make up Michael Saunders & Company, from the agents to staff to the leadership team.

This week, we were dying to know more about Venice and Plantation Office Manager, Laura Benson. Sure, we know she’s technologically-savvy, outgoing, and wears great shoes, but what is it that makes her tick? Laura shares with us just that, from a certain love for Italy (coincidentally, known for great shoes) to the person she admires most (one clue – she’s probably on your list too!). (more…)


23 About Me! – Learn The Make-Up Of A Copywriter

23LogoIn the interests of getting to know the people behind the magic of Michael Saunders & Company, an expanding department means great opportunity.

This week, we posed our 23 About Me! questions to the newest member of the marketing team, Lucy Hope.

Originally from the UK, Lucy has joined Michael Saunders & Company as Junior Copywriter. Let’s see what makes her tick… (more…)

23 About Me! – From Longboat Key to South Africa?

23LogoThe word has spread beyond our management team and into our community of agents and staff, as we continue to receive more responses to our 23 About Me! questionnaire.

For those just tuning in, last week we learned all about Debbie Judge, branch manager of our Siesta Key office. Turns out, she shares a fear of bugs similar to that of Jennifer Horvat, Michael Saunders & Company’s marketing director.

This week, we travel out to Longboat Key to catch up with Vicki Collier, who recently joined our South Longboat Key office with her husband and partner, Wade.

Does Vicki also fear insects? Let’s find out… (more…)

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