A Green Time of Year – Top 10 Green Gifts for the Home

Choose recycled wrapping paper for all your gifts.

With the shopping madness of Black Friday safely behind us, the gift-buying season is in full effect. Unfortunately, some of our friends and family can be notoriously hard to shop for, especially if they prefer the benefits afforded by eco-friendly gifts. Not that we could blame them for preferring to live light on the planet instead of piling up more plastic clutter around the house.

So, if you need to look for gifts that use recycled materials or gadgets that help your recipient further their green activities, here are our top 10 green gifts for the home:

1.  Eco Candles – From soy-based inks, to hemp twine, to recycled paper, this collection is committed to conserving our planet’s resources. The chlorine-free paper pulp box is biodegradable in 3-6 months and is wrapped with a 100% post-industrial recycled paper label awarded FSC-certification. Priced at just $18 each. Click HERE for more information.

2.  Shower Smart – For true shower power that won’t waste water or money, consider the Oxygenics LowFlow showerhead. It might not look like much, but it is easy to install and delightful to use. The showerhead sucks in surrounding air to create an oxygenated spray that not only cuts back on water wastage, but also stimulates the skin. Priced at just $34.95. Click HERE to learn more.

3. Clean Water – PUR’s most advanced filter is a great option for people who use bottled water or prefer the taste of filtered tap water. Removing up to 99% of toxins, PUR lasts up to 2-3 months for pure and delicious water. Find it HERE for just $24.87.

4.  Clean Charge – Use the power of the sun to charge your iPod, cell phone or camera. The SolarMonkey is a portable Solar Panel for all your electronic devices, simply connect the SolarMonkey to your iPod, PDA, PSP or mobile phone and recharge your batteries while you sunbathe. Click HERE for more.

5. Green Clean – Gifting a basket filled with green cleaning products is the best gift for a green homeowner. Chemical-laden cleaners are the bane of an environmentally aware person’s life. Therefore, a simple gift of either store-bought or homemade green cleaners will be much appreciated. Use simple ingredients such as vinegar, salt, baking soda and lemons to make household cleaners and decant into spray bottles for gifting.

6.  Power Monitor – For the person who loves to tinker around the house, the Black and Decker Power monitor is the perfect companion. One part attaches to the home electric meter, and the handheld monitor wirelessly gives real-time data about home energy consumption. If your dad’s the type who always reminded you to turn off the light, he’ll appreciate knowing exactly where power is being used and what he can save thanks to this gadget. Click HERE to learn more.

7. Bamboo Cuts – Buying for a kitchen wiz? Your recipient will appreciate a brand new, bamboo cutting board. This sustainable wood is 16% harder than solid maple, but cooks swear that it’s gentler on high quality knives. Bamboo is far more renewable than plastic, and it’s low maintenance — just clean up with a quick rinse. Click HERE to find the perfect one.

8.  Cost Monitor – Similar to the Black and Decker gadget, the Real Time Power Cost Monitor keeps you in touch with your energy usage. Why wait for the electricity bill when you can see the numbers race before your very eyes? Blueline Innovations’ Real-Time PowerCost Monitor helps homeowners cut back on energy and money wasted by offering real-time feedback on electricity use. Learn more HERE.

9.  Soda Maker – For the house that loves sparkling water, but hates the environmental harm and cost of disposable plastic bottles, using the Fountain Jet Soda Maker can save countless bottles while providing the delicious beverage they crave. Learn more HERE

10.  Sport Seat – Buying for the green enthusiast who is also a sports nut? Get him or her a bench made from snowboards or a coat rack constructed of hockey sticks. How about an Adirondack-style chair made of water skis? These one-of-a-kind pieces are built from recycled hockey sticks, snow and water skis, wakeboards, and snowboards. Find the right one HERE.

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