6 Tips for Selling Your Home in Season

MarinaJacksWith the return of Season nearly upon us, we are already witnessing a break in the weather and the snowbirds will soon be making their way back to the Gulf Coast. If you are among those who have been waiting for this busy time of year to list your Manatee, Charlotte, or Sarasota home for sale, we offer the following tips to help ensure a selling success!

1. Meet with a Realtor now.
Linda Driggs, an agent with Michael Saunders & Company, offered this bit of advice.  “When I first meet with sellers, whether they are listing their home now or in several months, I provide them with a laundry list of things to take care of.  It’s about helping the seller make the best presentation of their home in the marketplace. They should rely on their agent to provide them with advice and resources on how they can get their home in the finest shape possible.”

2. Begin your improvements today.
“Go from the outside and work your way in,” Driggs explained. “Start with the envelope of your home, the exterior, and work on getting it cleaned up. Then, when the photography is taken, it will be in its optimal condition. With the landscaping, get rid of overgrown trees, and then add mulch and flowers as needed. Once you are inside, de-cluttering and paying attention to your master closet is important; everyone loves closets. I truly believe you should organize clothing by color – that way when a potential buyer goes into your closet, it doesn’t make their eye want to jump around at all the different hues. It makes the space look larger.”

Holiday decorations within a home can date how long it's been on the market.

Holiday decorations within a home can date how long it’s been on the market.

3. Advertise with holiday-free photos.
If you have the most amazing holiday decorations – complete with fake snow and a 1:48 scale model train collection – your excitement to get those boxes out of the attic is probably starting to mount.  Driggs offered this word of caution though, “It is important that you do not date your property photography, especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up. If your home is still on the market in March, you don’t want buyers looking at your photos and wondering why it’s been on the market for so long.”

4. Price it right.
It’s essential for sellers to understand their marketplace. If you live in a gated golf course community, then your home needs to be priced with respect to other homes in that community. If your home is waterfront, the same is true. “We can’t generalize what’s happening in one part of our area with another,” Driggs explained. “That’s why it’s important to hire a professional agent who works full time, has years of knowledge and knows the community and the area.”

5. List now! Don’t wait till January.
You are not the only one that’s been waiting to list your home. Get it on the market before everyone else does and that’s one sure way to eliminate the competition. Driggs agreed that certain areas on the Gulf Coast are already bustling with activity, “West of the Trail right now is so hot, put anything you have on the market because the buyers are there.”

6. Make your home as available as possible for showings.
Sign_SampleOnce your home is listed, buyers should have access throughout the day. Nothing beats a walk through in person and timing matters! Driggs pointed out that all day access doesn’t have to mean it’s inconvenient for you and your family, “If you have young children, it’s okay to set parameters for when the home can be shown – for example every day from 9:00 to 5:30 with advance appointment.  Even though it needs to be ready for showings, you still have to live in it, especially if you have children.”

Though selling your home will require some extra work on your part, Driggs pointed out that sellers have a lot to be optimistic about. “With inventory being so low and buyers feeling great about Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte county, it emphasizes that we are a highly sought after community. Buyers are ready to come down and look.”

These home selling tips are very useful in selling your home, the other key factor in selling your home is working with a real estate company that can promote your home to the Local, US and International market. Learn why Michael Saunders & Company should be your partner in selling your home in Sarasota and Southwest Florida

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