23 About Me – Linda, Leading the Way

23LogoEvery month, we profile an individual who is part of the make-up of Michael Saunders & Company. We quiz our agents, staff, or management with 23 questions and while the prompts always stay the same, the answers illustrate just how diverse our DNA is.

Here, we interview Linda Krysinski, Michael Saunders & Company’s e’Commerce Manager. Using her excellent skills in customer service and sales, she does her best to follow leads, ensuring every customer gets the attention they need before passing it onto a sales associate.

Read on to find out what leads Linda daily, from her favorite beach, to her love of family, to a competitive sport involving eight-wheels.

Choose one: country estate, city penthouse or beachfront living?
Beachfront living for sure!

Krysinski_Linda_2013-12What is your favorite ice cream?
Mint Chocolate Chip from Big Olaf Creamery

Favorite cuisine?
Polish or French

What book are you reading now OR what is the last book you read?
The Shining by Stephen King

How did you first find your way to this area?
When I was five my family vacationed to Longboat Key and we stayed at The Holidome (Holiday Inn).

 Do you have a special talent?
I was a competitive roller-skater.

How did you spend your childhood summers?
In our swimming pool in Lansing, Illinois; or on Lido Beach in Sarasota, Florida; or on Little Crooked Lake in Sisters Lakes Michigan

If you could have lunch with someone from history, who would it be?
Walt Disney or Mel Brooks

If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would it be?
I would take a Mediterranean cruise with my boys

Choose one: Boating, golfing, or the Arts?
The Arts

What living person do you most admire?
Easy ~ my two sons Matthew and Alexander

What is your greatest extravagance?
My shoes!

What do you love about working with Michael Saunders & Company?
I love working for a company that I am proud of as well as all the wonderful people that I work with who support and inspire me every day!

What restaurant do you go to more than any other?
The Blue Dolphin Café or Shore Diner on St. Armands Circle

What is your favorite Broadway musical?
The Producers by Mel Brooks

What is the prettiest place you have been locally?
Sunset on Lido Beach

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
With my boys at the Beach or at an Amusement Park

When you have friends visit from out of town, where do you take them?
To the Lido Beach Tiki Bar for a fruity cocktail and to watch the sunset.

What do you like to cook?
Filet or wild salmon

What is your favorite TV show?
The Amazing Race

Name one thing on your bucket list:
To see an Opera in Vienna

What did you want to be when you were little?
An artist

What is your most treasured possession?
My mother’s Crystal Tiara from her wedding veil.

  • User Gravatar Nicole
    December 20th, 2013

    Very beautiful Linda! Your such a wonderful individual!

  • User Gravatar Krista Pflanzer
    December 23rd, 2013

    I grew up knowing Linda from a distance and later she was gracious enough to have me in her home while relocating. She is every bit as classic and true as she sounds in her interview. And her beauty is absolutely much deeper than the obvious. I would like to say “Congratulations!,” to my hometown friend. And I mostly want to thank her for raising her boys with the love, they are sure to be gentlemen. The love shines through your smile , Linda.


  • User Gravatar Danny Williams
    January 3rd, 2014

    Linda is a tribute to our organization and a joy to work with!
    Boundless energy and a great mom too!!

  • User Gravatar ali
    November 7th, 2014

    very good dear linda……thank you.

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