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Vote “Yes” for our Children’s Future

If children are our future, then the basic underpinning of a forward-thinking community is the depth of its commitment to maintaining superior public schools. Pre teen children at school Benefits to our Children and Community On Tuesday March 25th, the voters of Sarasota County are being asked to reaffirm the proactive approach to better schools they resoundingly opted for a dozen years ago. In 2002, voters in a landslide said “yes” to a 1-mill property tax assessment for supplemental public school funding. Today, Sarasota County is not only an “A” school district; but also one of only five of Florida’s 67 districts to earn a perfect grade in 2013. In the upcoming referendum, county voters are being asked to approve a continuation of the 1-mill property tax assessment they first ratified in 2002; then overwhelming re-approved in both 2006 and 2010. (more…)

The Great Outdoors: 5 Homes for Nature Lovers

It may be February but on the Gulf Coast it feels as though spring has arrived! The mild temperatures and blue skies seem to be begging us to step outdoors, take a deep breath, and climb a tree (well, maybe not the tree part). Still, in honor of such beautiful weather, we thought it would be fun to share several Manatee, Charlotte and Sarasota homes for sale where Mother Nature is just a step (or a climb) away. (more…)

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