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Laurel Oak Estates, FL – Neighborhood Video

For over twenty years Laurel Oak Estates has been one of Sarasota’s top golfing communities. A gated neighborhood of just over 400 residences, Laurel Oak is distinguished by large, elegant, estate-style homes set on spacious, beautifully landscaped lots. It’s the home of many prominent Sarasotans and even a few international celebrities.

Natural beauty is the keynote of the Laurel Oak lifestyle. It’s just far enough in the country to still be home to abundant wildlife. An occasional deer will dart across the fairway and in the sky, bald eagles make lazy circles as they survey their domain. Lakes and ponds play host to abundant birdlife.

The Neighborhood Report – Hidden Harbor

Beautiful waterfront homes grace the community of Hidden Harbor. Pictured: 5132 Jungle Plum Rd.

Located on the bayside north end of Siesta Key—convenient with quick access to Siesta Key Village and the mainland—Hidden Harbor is a gorgeous, upscale community embellished by a lush, Selby Garden-like environment and meandering brick paver roads. The heavily treed, private neighborhood is ideal for boaters, with a number of elegant waterfront homes with some docks accommodating large watercraft.

Contemporary Florida architectural design is the predominant style of homes in this neighborhood, but a number of custom built properties are intermixed and add their own unique flair. (more…)


This Is A Job For Superman Not Clark Kent

Steve Harney is one of the industry’s foremost experts in negotiation and leadership training for residential real estate professionals.  His widely-read blog,, regularly tackles some of the most complex issues facing the real estate market today.  Today we feature in its entirety one of his recent posts addressing the subject of commissions:

We found this past weekend’s New York Times article entitled “You Don’t Have To Pay It” very interesting reading. It was a piece about whether it makes sense to pay full commission to your real estate agent in today’s market. In the article, there are sellers, buyers and even agents debating what the right commission should be for assisting a consumer in completing a real estate transaction.


Smart Saving – Top 10 Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

Keeping your home safe can lower insurance costs.

It seems as though with some insurance providers, premiums for homeowners insurance policies are constantly on the rise. If there is an increase in home insurance claims in your area, due to whatever reason, your premiums have most likely up—even if you have not submitted any claims. To offset these increases, you might have to take some necessary steps to lower your premium. (more…)

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