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Looking Ahead – Top 10 Real Estate New Year’s Resolutions

2010: Your year to get the most from the real estate market.

As the page on our calendars turned to the fresh slate of 2010, Americans are starting to plan what will be a priority for them when it comes to real estate. Exciting things are happening in the market, and the next few months will bring an unprecedented number of opportunities and possibilities for the heads-up buyer or seller.

While existing homeowners and potential homebuyers experience different situations and needs in regards to their future goals and expectations, we present the top 10 possible New Year resolutions to help point some in the right direction for a successful 2010 in real estate:

1. Get in the Game – Join the nearly 18 percent of Americans who say they’ve resolved to become a first-time homebuyer in 2010, according to a new survey HERE.  With the homebuyer tax credit extension running until April 2010, this is an exceptional time to get in the game and become a homeowner. (more…)

Green Light for Commercial Opportunities

Generally speaking, the commercial real estate market operates in a cycle closely tied to that of its residential cousin.   Yet, timing-wise, commercial typically trails residential by as much as 18 to 24 months.  Thus, it was long after the residential market melted down that the aftershocks began to ripple through the rest of the economy. Eventually businesses downsized—or failed—causing the inventory of vacant commercial properties to rise precipitously, just as demand fell off a cliff.

Is it any wonder then why Southwest Florida’s commercial real estate sector is just now where the residential market was a year ago?   As buyers and investors began to respond to the best residential buying opportunities in the first quarter of 2009, they’re likewise beginning to recover their appetite for the best values in commercial properties.  Reacting to solid evidence that this mother of all recessions is nearing an end, they’re anticipating inevitable improvements in the job market and scooping-up commercial properties at deep discounts long before the ‘herd’ catches on.

In other words, amid the recessionary mindset of fear, depression and panic—which investors like Warren Buffet and the late Sir John Templeton insist is the precise moment to invest—2010 will be recalled as one of the best years ever for buying commercial real estate.  The golden rule of investing, “buy low, sell high,” is once again the call-to-arms for the most forward-thinking investors to ante-up now in order to maximize their ROI later.  Those with all cash to spend—in an environment where commercial loans are hard to come by—will be the first to walk the red carpet to the best deals in town.


Ask Ann – The Government’s Impact In The Mortgage Industry Over The Past Six Months

Ann Stickel, Vice President of The Michael Saunders Division of Affiliated Services, discusses the changes in the mortgage industry over the past six months. These changes will help protect the consumer as well as give the consumer a better understanding of their mortgage product.

To view the view, please click here.


The Neighborhood Report – Plantation Golf & Country Club

Our Plantation office is ready to assist homebuyers and sellers throughout the area.

Plantation Golf & Country Club in Venice was open for business with the completion of the Bobcat golf course in 1981. The Plantation added the second 18-hole Panther golf course in 1991 to complete the Ron Garl-designed 36 holes of championship golf. The courses feature two distinctively different layouts, providing challenging play and a rewarding golf experience at every level.

The Plantation community consists of 1,300 acres and is approaching its build-out plan of 2,800 homes. Club membership is not restricted to residents of the community. Plantation offers a friendly yet refined atmosphere of comfortable elegance and first-class amenities, which include 13 Har-Tru lighted tennis courts, a heated junior-Olympic size swimming pool, a spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a grand clubhouse with the ambiance and charm of “Old Florida.” Plantation was voted “Best Private Country Club,” “Best Banquet Facilities” and “Best Tennis Facilities” by the Herald Tribune’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Plantation Golf & Country Club is very proud to have been selected to host the LPGA Annual Tour Qualifying School since 1987, one of only two qualifying schools in the nation. And, the Bobcat and Panther courses are included in the Golf Digest’s Places to Play Directory. (more…)

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