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The Neighborhood Report – Palmer Ranch

Palmer Ranch Office

Palmer Ranch Office

Though a fairly new development of less than 20 years, Palmer Ranch offers a variety of real estate options within its approximately 80,000 acres. The area is renowned for its great family neighborhoods, new home communities, and maintenance-free villas and condominiums, all of which offer an assortment of amenities for the active household and are within proximity to beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches. Additionally, the Legacy Trail, the area’s new 12-mile walking and biking trail, and the YMCA complex, which hosts activities for every age, both present a wealth of recreational opportunities for any sporting enthusiast.

How is the Palmer Ranch Market?

Darla Furst, branch manager of Michael Saunders & Company’s Palmer Ranch office, is pleased to report a genuine “up tick” in real estate transactions for the second quarter of 2009. Within this time, the Palmer Ranch Area has experienced an active inventory of 518 in March to 455 in June, which is a 14 percent decline in available houses. The absorption rate, or months of inventory available, based on closed sales has gone from 17 months in March to 9 months in June; that’s an incredible decline of 44 percent in one quarter. (more…)

The Faces of Foreclosure

After noting all the recent snippets of good news about the economy apparently inching its way toward recovery, one is almost tempted to chill the glasses and ice the champagne.  Having ridden the doom and gloom express for more than a year, the media is suddenly the good news bandwagon; positively tripping over each other to report all the positive developments on the economic front.  The stock market is running with the bulls again.  New home sales rose more than expected in June; while existing home sales rose for the third consecutive month.  Nationwide—as in Southwest Florida—inventories of available homes are easing and prices are declining less sharply.  Consumer spending is up for the second straight month; and construction spending rose for the second time in three months.  Moreover, the government’s gross domestic product report shows that the economy shrank at a one percent annual rate in the second quarter of 2009; which doesn’t exactly sound all that good until you realize that the numbers are a vast improvement over similar figures released earlier this year.  Although the pundits sound nearly unanimous in their view that the deepest recession since the Great Depression is winding down, most of this good news has actually been delivered imbedded in what normally passes for bad news.


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