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Michael Saunders & Company Wins “Excellence in Customer Service” Award From Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Michael Saunders & Company has won the Excellence in Customer Service award for June, presented by the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.  The award, sponsored by The Bank of Commerce, was bestowed today at a well-attended chamber networking event held at Southpointe Land Rover.  Tom Martin, senior vice-president of lending for the Bank of Commerce, introduced company founder and CEO Michael Saunders and made the presentation.

Accepting the award on behalf of her 33-year-old company, Saunders was effusive in attributing the honor to her agents and staff.  “I wouldn’t be here without the diligence and hard work of all my agents, who are on the frontlines every day making sure that each customer’s experience is as memorable as it can be—for all the right reasons,” she said. “Coming as it does in the midst of such an unforgiving market, this award is all the more gratifying and I accept it on behalf of the entire company.”


Photo cut line: Michael Saunders proudly displays the award for “Excellence in Customer Service” from the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. Joining her is Tom Martin, senior vice-president of Sarasota’s Bank of Commerce, who sponsors the award.

An Embarrassment of Riches

The name “Ringling,”—so inextricably woven into the rich and colorful fabric of Sarasota’s history—continues to confer remarkable stature on our region as an important center of the visual and performing arts.  Not just in Florida—where we long ago floated to the top as the state’s undisputed “Cultural Capital”—but in arts circles the world over.  To have such an embarrassment of riches—culturally speaking—is an unqualified economic asset that few towns this size can even partially lay claim to; to say nothing of our top-rated beaches, unlimited recreational opportunities and gorgeous natural landscape.  We just love selling homes in a market that so completely sells itself.

Now comes the breathtaking news that The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art—in conjunction with New York’s Baryshnikov Arts Center (Yes, that Baryshnikov!)—will host the first Ringling International Arts Festival, beginning on October 7.  The Festival, slated to be staged every other year at the Ringling Museum of Art—on the Florida State University cultural campus—will be a watershed artistic event spanning five days of live music, theater and dance; with internationally-renowned performers converging on Sarasota to help kick-off its annual cultural season in news-making style.  What better way to put the world on notice that Sarasota is a must-stop on the cultural map than by showcasing artists from around the world whose performances will inhabit such classically-inspired venues as the Historic Asolo Theater, Mertz Theatre, and Cook Theatre?  Outdoor performances and events—as well as lectures, workshops and artist discussions—will enhance the core programming.  Over in the museum galleries, a new exhibit featuring the spectacular works of Giovanni Antonio Canal—better known as Canaletto—will explore the theme, Venice in the Age of Canaletto.


Is Now A Good Time to Buy A Home?

Is now a good time to buy a home?  Is the “real” recession behind us?  These are the questions probed in a compelling new article from Forbes Magazine entitled “The Recession is Over,” by Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein.  Read this thought-provoking article in its entirety at:

Buyers Returning to the UK Market

Buyers Returning to UK MarketYou’ve seen the latest statistics and heard the buzz.  The worst may well be over for the beleaguered U.S. housing market, commencing in markets like Sarasota-Bradenton.  We were among the first markets to feel the sting of the nationwide real estate correction; and now appear to be among the first to enjoy the thaw.  That’s certainly good news for us; but its even better news for our good friends and allies in Europe and the UK, whose housing and general economic recovery is thought to be tightly tied to recovery in the U.S.

Our good friend and colleague, Nick Churton, managing principal of Mayfair International Realty London sees an apt metaphor in the swallows returning to the U.K. after an unusually harsh winter.  First one, then many, the returning swallows remind him of buyers who are likewise returning to the U.K. housing market after the long, cold winter of their real estate correction.

Read Nick’s blog posting, in its entirety, at the following link.  Can A Swallow Make A Summer?

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