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Visit for an all new user experience.

The new has officially debuted.  More than a year in the making, the launch marks no less than the sixth time since 2000 that the site has been completely redone to keep it engaging and relevant; and to provide a richer digital experience that functions as well on a smart phone or tablet as it does on a laptop.

More Than a Makeover
More than simply a makeover, the new site is the end product of a comprehensive overhaul—from the back-end technology to the front-end user experience—fueled by an updated strategy that injects a whole new dimension into local property searches.   In consultation with 1000 Watt Consulting—the country’s leading Internet strategists for the real estate industry—consumers were asked what information they most wanted from a real estate web site; then were followed-up with to determine how well the new site delivers it. (more…)

#SaundersSights: From Slovakia to Siesta to Instagram

VeronikaNot unlike the Dots Per Inch (DPI) that combine to form a vivid printed photograph, Veronika Bajtala looks at her life as a collection of dots.

Now a Realtor with Michael Saunders & Company’s Siesta Key office, her journey to this Sarasota barrier island is as unique as the images she captures though her photography lens.

And as part of the #SaundersSights campaign, where we are asking Gulf Coast visitors and residents to share photos illustrating what they love about our area, we couldn’t help but notice an impressive gallery forming from this Slovakia native.


Any given day #sunset on #siestakey #beach is special one! #siestakeybeach #1beach #sarasota #florida #lifeguard #seagulls

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University Town Center: MSC Manager Picks

1364325575UTCExteriorRendering01With the Mall at University Town Center opening October 16th, the excitement for the addition of 100 new stores and restaurants to the Sarasota area is so palpable, it can be cut with a sharp shopping bag.

So, we polled part of the management team to find out which new boutiques or restaurants they can’t wait to visit. Check out their answers and then let us know in the comments which stores you are eagerly anticipating too!


White House Black Market-logo copy (more…)


23 About Me: A Fitting Title for Deborah Pohorylo

23LogoIt’s been an impressive year for MSC Title. A renewed focus on individuals – those on the team and those they serve – has led to the Michael Saunders & Company division consistently being named the number one firm for closing volume in Sarasota County each month.

And speaking of individuals, for eleven years Deborah Pohorylo has been a fixture on the team as Title Examiner. We asked her to partake in “23 About Me” to discover a glimpse into her own story  – from her taste for sushi, her history as a lead singer, and why she dreams of shiny, streamlined transportation.

Choose one: country estate, city penthouse or beachfront living?
Country estate…but more for the country part and not so much the estate. I would be fine with a tiny house on a lot of land. (more…)

Architecture and October


Architecture-lovers rejoice! The month of October will host an unprecedented amount of architecture-related events in the Sarasota area.

A Scintillating Week of Sarasota Mod
This four-day festival celebrates the area’s iconic design movement from the mid-20th century – the Sarasota School of Architecture.  If you love modernism, design, or just Sarasota, prepare yourself to be delighted by an itinerary of guided tours, parties, and presentations by prominent speakers.

Presented by the Sarasota Architectural Foundation, visit for a schedule of events you won’t want to miss. (more…)


Why Did It Sell: A Siesta Key Point of View


It was 6:30 in the morning. Michael Saunders & Company Realtor Connie Lyke Brown’s phone started to ring.

“Don’t worry about picking it up,” she told her husband. “If it’s important they’ll leave a message.”

She looked over to see that he had already answered the phone.

Calling from North Carolina (and a true morning person), Julia* wanted to speak with Connie after seeing an ad on featuring one of Connie’s Longboat Key listings.

Julia and her husband were thinking about retirement. Though they hadn’t been to Sarasota, their family, who owned property in Bradenton, encouraged them to learn more about the area. Their goal was to retire in five or six years, after their children were out of high school. In the meantime, they felt the time was right to start looking for their future full-time residence. (more…)

Build It and They Will Come

VUE & WestinHow does a hotel that hasn’t been built yet pay dividends to the region nearly two years before welcoming its first paying guests?

Virginia Haley, president of Visit Sarasota—the county’s lead tourism bureau—knows the answer.  Moments before joining other civic leaders at last week’s groundbreaking for the new Westin Sarasota Hotel, Haley shared her agency’s knowledge of the hotel’s pre-construction influence on the local economy.

“This property has already had a significant impact on tourism in Sarasota,” she declared from the speaker’s podium. “And we haven’t even broken ground yet!”  Ms. Haley was referring to the amount of tourism and convention business that Visit Sarasota has already pre-booked predicated on the July 2016 opening of the new hotel.

A similar scenario has unfolded at the new Mall at University Town Center, the new Nathan Benderson Park, and more than a half dozen other hotels and luxury condominiums that are in some stage of development throughout Southwest Florida.  Even before their foundations are poured, it seems, their anticipated arrivals are sparking something of an economic bonanza for the region.  (more…)


Bay Point Ballet: The Making of a Real Estate Video Unlike Any Other

IMG_3255-cBayPointBalletHow do you tell the story of a unique property in a way that is interesting while also defining the essence of the house and the community? Well, if you live in Sarasota, where the sea and sky marries arts and culture, then the canvas for creativity is as endless as the shimmering Gulf horizon.

Such was the background for a recent collaboration between Michael Saunders & Company and the Sarasota Ballet.  To showcase 1459 Bay Point Drive, a remarkable 8,506 square foot home for sale on Sarasota Bay, the unprecedented team used the language of dance to express the property’s architecture, emotion, and enchantment.

Watch the ballet (err… video) for 1459 Bay Point Drive and keep reading to learn more about what went on behind-the-scenes.


Why Here? Why Now?

Siesta Key. Photo by DaleAnn Clancy Photography.

Siesta Key

Southwest Florida gets real quiet, real quickly, once the last of our winter visitors depart. Among other things, the resulting calm offers a respite for real estate agents who can finally catch their breath before regrouping for next season’s onslaught of buyers. This year, however, the onslaught never took a holiday.

With prices on something of a plateau lately after rising steadily all year long, a new sense of urgency has settled in among buyers; prompting them to buy sooner rather than later. Moreover, just as winter up north begins to loom again, home prices are expected to resume their gradual rise. Obviously, buying now could help you avoid both issues.

Although the market’s overall sales volume is up 10% over last year, the best news is from our luxury market. There, sales of properties priced above $1 million are up 22% over last year. For properties priced above $3 million, buyers no longer content to wait have driven closed dollar volume up by 60%.

Why here? Why now? And where are these luxury buyers coming from? These are questions we often field from reporters trying to make sense of the region’s resurging luxury market. (more…)

MSC Foundation: From the Classroom to the Courtroom

With a passion for where we live, work, and play, Michael Saunders & Company is committed to improving the lives of others within our community. Through the assistance of the MSC Foundation, our team of agents and staff generously contribute to well-deserving local charities.  This month spotlights two non-profit organizations which benefited from our most recent July Grant Giving Ceremony:

The Island School
Located in Boca Grande, Florida, the mission of The Island School is to create an educational environment which stresses academic excellence while nurturing the spirit of the child. The MSC Foundation’s grant will go toward funding its after school youth program for students whose parents work or live on Gasparilla Island.

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